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Best Tips To Buy A Hookah

Updated on May 13, 2014

Smoking Hookah is traditionally common to Middle East and Indian peninsular. For generations, it's smoked as a social past time. Hitherto, in the urban areas since 20th century it was becoming less popular, especially in India, giving way to cigarette smoking.

Advent of the new millennium witnessed Hookah once again garnering the attention of the urban masses. Specially flavored tobacco and Non-tobacco Hookah smoking has become popular with the college students and young adults.

Special shisha Lounges are coming up such as caf├ęs, nightclubs and bars that are offering variety of Hookahs as a consumable. Even finest quality Hookah products at affordable prices are available online, along with worldwide service with the best shipping rate.

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Modern Hookah Lounge
Modern Hookah Lounge

If you like to enjoy a fabulous Hookah that satisfy your senses, first of all you should go to an innovative Shisha Lounge or a Hookah Parlour catering a range of Hookah products, and see of style of hookah and tobacco you prefer. This unique experience would be more exotic if a beautifully designed, handcrafted Hookah is offered.

Often Egyptian, Iranian, and Lebanese Hookahs are more exquisite. They have intricate designs, polished stainless steel shaft. They come with sensational bright colors, for example, smokey blue, red, purple, green in glass, or ceramic. The ambiance will be preferably oriental.

If you want to enjoy the Hookah with your friends simultaneously, you should go for Hookah with multiple hoses. It is more decent because 1 hose Hookah allows more smoke to inhale and you can get more high, specially as a new smoker. Hose is made of either wood or metal. The charcoals used are even of two types, self-lighting coal, or natural coal. The former one can be lit only with a burner or lither within a fraction of seconds as a self igniting layer is already present, whereas the latter need to be lit on a stove for several minutes before smoking the Hookah.

To buy a Hookah you must consider your priorities first. What type Hookah you want to enjoy? Are you going to experience the exotic sensation alone or together with friends, family or group of people? What type tobacco you is going to consume, plain or flavored?

According to those personal preferences, buy a single hose or multiple hose Hookah and experience a tobacco or herbal shisha.

Tobacco free Hookah is also becoming very popular where herbs, dry flowers, tealeaves, sugar cane, sugar beets, and dry orange peels are used instead to lessen the harm made by nicotine, tar and other chemical by products inevitable in tobacco smoke. Some flavors are overpriced due to pretty steep production cost.

How To Prepare Great Hookah?

Health Aspects Of Hookah Smoking

Must mention the health aspect of using a hookah. It is common idea that use of water in a Hookah, and allowing the tobacco smoke through water, purifies the smoke, and thus making the tobacco less toxic.

Medical and science researches show a completely reverse observation. Hookah is as injurious to health as cigarettes. In fact, a Hookah smoker actually inhales more smoke than a cigarette smoker does. Hookah infuses 1.7 times nicotine than cigarette smoking in a single smoking session and smokers are exposed to more carbon monoxide.

Hookah bar launge is trending
Hookah bar launge is trending


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