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Best Toy Car Garage

Updated on November 29, 2014

This Christmas I am planning on buying my 2 year old son (he'll be 3 in February) a toy garage. He has loved playing with toy garages at playgroups and friend's houses so I know he will love his own. Also a friend with 4 and 5 year old boys has said her toy garage was one of the best toys she's ever bought.

I am researching the best toy garage to buy and I'm sharing my research below. The choice is very wide. There's wooden toy garages, plastic toy garages, city garages, garages with parking, car washes and all kinds of different accessories. There are also lots of well know toy makers to choose from including plan toy, Melissa and Doug and Kidicraft garages.

If you're looking for a toy garage hopefully you'll find the best toy garage for your child below.

What to Consider When Buying a Toy Garage

I have a list of things I'm looking for and things I've considered when buying a garage.

Space - A toy garage does take up a lot of space so you need to consider where you will put it. You can get fold away garages but the reviews for these don't seem to be as good.

Durability - I've bought a toy garage before for my son. It looked really good with lots of swirling ramps. However, when he played with it the ramps were always breaking apart and I had to keep fixing them together again. This was frustrating for both of us. Therefore look for a durable garage. You can read reviews to see if other people found them durable.

Age appropriate - There are some good garages designed for younger children with chunkier cars and elements that are easy for little ones to manipulate and without parts they can swallow. Likewise if you're buying for older children you may want to choose a garage which has some more options for imaginative play such as helicopter ports, more levels or a car wash.

Garages that come apart - This factor relates closely to durability of the garage. If the garages have parts such as ramps that fix together, young children like my son may enjoy taking them apart. So then you have to spend ages putting the ramps back together again. I would avoid buying a garage like this again.

Plan Toys Parking Garage - Great for the Environment

Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage
Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage

Plan Toy company aim to practice the three "Rs" Reduce, Resue and Recycle while producing quality toys and this garage doesn't disappoint. It contains 3 floors of parking space, an elevator tower, and helipad. The set also includes a figure, gas station and car washing machine. Amazon reviewers compliment the garage for its sturdiness and durability. It's easy to assembly and kids seem to love playing with it. You can use hot wheels and other cars with the garage but it may be worth purchasing a few plan toy cars to go with it as they fit on perfectly.


Top Choice for Toddlers

Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway
Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway

This is over 3 feet tall so you will need some space to put this.

It's designed for kids from 18 months to 5 years and is a top choice for toddlers althought I think it looks like a good choice for younger children - probably best to buy it between ages 1 and 3 to get the most from it, I would say. There are some excellent reviews for this over on amazon too.

There's one point of entry on top with three exits on the bottom, one of which is a jump. You can flip different switches to make cars change paths. The vehicles are the perfect size for little hands

It omes with a City Skyway play set, working crane, traffic signal, gas pump, parking meter, gate that opens & closes and Koby & Tessa cars


Kidkraft Mega Ramp Racing Set

KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set
KidKraft Mega Ramp Racing Set

I like this garage and think this one would be a top choice for my own son.

It has a ramp where you can race two cars down at the top. It features three lights, green, yellow and red that help countdown to the beginning of race tim There's a curly ramp, a car wash, an elevator, a helipad with a helicopter.

I like that there are lots of opportunities for imaginative play and it seems durable (no plastic parts to be taken apart). Also, I think it should last for many years to come - a good choice for a 2 to 3 year old who loves cars and garages.


Fisher Price Roll N Go Getaway Garage

Fisher-Price Roll N Go Get Away Garage
Fisher-Price Roll N Go Get Away Garage

This garage has some nice features.

I like the ramps and fun sound effects but it also has a pull out road.

There is also a crane, a shuttle launcher to shoot out cars and a movable garage entrance gate. It comes with a police car and a race car.


Great Fold Away Garage

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Rev 'n Sounds Race Track
Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Rev 'n Sounds Race Track

I've featured this car toy as ultimately I was looking for a garage you could fold away and this is the closet thing I could find with good reviews.

This looks like a good one for toddlers aged from about 1 to 2 upwards. It is durable with no parts which you can pull apart, yet it folds up with a carry handle. This is great for storage or for taking to Grandma's house to play with.

It comes with 2 formula one style race cars. You can hear fun racing sound effects as the vehicles race down the track and through the flip-up finish line too.


Baby Garage

If you're buying for a baby from about age 1 up look for a garage with chunky cars which are a little bigger than the diecast cars. Slightly bigger cars are easy for younger children to hold and use.

Many garages designed for 1 year olds have features such as lights and sounds to attract and hold babies attention.

When choosing a garage for young children its worth looking for a garage that will grow with your child to get the most use out of it. So garages with extra pieces such as gates that lift, gas pumps and other features will be great for imaginative play as baby gets older.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Garage
VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Garage

Vtech Smart Go Wheels Garage is designed for kids between ages 1 to 5. The tow truck it comes with is chunky and great for smaller hands to play with. The tow truck is a smart point vehicle so as it passes over the different smart point locations there are sounds, phrases and music. You can purchase other smartpoint vehicles separately which go with the set.

It's an interactive garage that has a spiral ramp, gas station, traffic stop, elevator, parking pad, and helicopter landing pad that provide lots of opportunities for imaginative play.


Themed Garages

My own son is a big fan of the Disney movie cars and you can get toy garages and vehicle playsets which are themed with Disney cars and their characters.

Check one out below.

Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies: Cars Radiator Springs Playset
Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies: Cars Radiator Springs Playset

The Fisher Price wheelies cars are chunky cars perfect for little ones hands. The wheelies featured in this set are Lightening Mcqueen and Mater so if your child loves Disney cars they will probably love this playset.

Lightening Mcqueen and Mater can visit Ramone's Body Shop or Casa De la Tire.

The set also features a turntable. Use the thumbwheels to move the turntable.


Other Options

If you're buying for a child around age 3 plus and they are car mad like my own son, there are other options to consider as well as a toy garage.

Firstly hot wheels tracks make cool and fun toys. My elder son has hot wheels tracks and loves them and my younger son enjoys playing with them and watching them too. The cars whizz around the tracks really quickly. Some tracks only come with one car, so it's worth making sure you have other cars that will fit on the tracks as well.

Hot Wheels Energy Track Playset
Hot Wheels Energy Track Playset

On the track opposite you launch cars down the track through the unique double-loop before blasting through the ring-of-fire.

There are also lots of other race tracks that little boys will love. They include spiral race tracks, micro drifter race tracks and tracks with tracks that you can build yourself.


Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset by Go! Go! Smart Wheels

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset
VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Spinning Spiral Tower Playset

The spinning spiral tower playset is another Vtech smartwheels set, where the vehicles go over smart points and say words, phrases, music and songs. It has features such as gas station and car wash role-play features encourage imaginative play. Manipulative features include the roller, flip-up sign and turning gate. It comes with one smart wheel car but you can buy other separately.


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