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Best Ways to Level Up Skills Fast in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Updated on January 3, 2012

Elder Scrolls Skyrim allows you to create a character as you see fit. Unlike Elder Scrolls Oblivion, every skill you level up will level up your characters overall level in Skyrim. There are also no "preset skills" like there were in Oblivion (such as being born under a certain constellation etc). There are also no major or minor skills! If you want to be good at one-handed weapons in Skyrim, then use one-handed weapons often! Now there is of course some character races that will start off at higher level skills. However, this does not mean you can not level up a low level skill. For example, if you choose the Nord race then you will automatically have 10+ one-handed and 5+ one-handed at the very start of Skyrim. This just gives you an advantage at the beginning of the game and will be beneficial to players who want to master those skills.

The Lover Stone Blessing in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Leveling up skills in Skyrim becomes increasingly difficult as you level up a skill higher (especially after 50). However, you can level up all skills a bit quicker if you have the "blessing of the lover stone." The lover stone is one of the standing stones located in Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Standing stones give you special bonuses, but only one stone can be used at a time. If you get a blessing from another standing stone then your current one will deactivate. Choose wisely, but I highly recommend the lover stone for players who want to level up fast!

The lover stone allows you to learn all skills 15% faster in Skyrim. It can be found east of Markarth, going towards the direction of Solitude. This stone is kind of situated on top of a hill. This is an excellent bonus and it is also free! Just make sure you do not get another blessing or this one will not work since you can only have one blessing at a time in Elder Scrolls Skyrim

Level Up Fast in Elder Scrolls Skyrim By Letting Enemy Opponents Damage You!

This is a bit of an unorthordox method, but is very effective. Basically find an enemy (preferably weak, not too powerful so you don't die) and let the person or creature attack you, BUT do NOT kill them. There are a few skills that can be leveled up by simply letting an enemy attack you.

These include

  • Heavy Armor
  • Light Armor
  • Blocking
  • Restoration

To level up these skills relatively fast in Skyrim simply:

  • Find an enemy and let them attack you (find one that is not too weak or powerful)
  • Equip a shield in one hand and a restoration spell in the other
  • Keep blocking the enemy to increase block skill
  • Use restoration spell when health gets low so you do not die (also so you level up)
  • Equip either heavy armor or light armor and let the enemy attack you (do not block)
  • If you run out of magic to heal yourself, either use a healing potion or use a potion to restore magic
  • Also note you gain full health and magic every time you level up (useful so you do not need to waste potions etc.)
  • This method works best with lower level Skyrim characters, but still works at higher levels as well.

Level Up Fast In Elder Scrolls Skyrim By Training

Another way to level up fast in Skyrim is by getting trained from trainers on specific skills. Trainers can be found throughout skyrim. They can level you up in a skill if you pay them gold. This method of leveling up in Skyrim can cost a lot of money,but it does indeed level you up faster than normal.

Some followers in Skyrim are actually trainers such as "Aela the Huntress." She is part of the companion faction. She will help you in combat and can also train you in archery if you pay her enough gold.

Getting a follower that is a trainer is a great way to level up much faster in Skyrim. Find a trainer/follower that will level up the skill you want. Most followers are not trainers, but a few of them are.

Read Books in Skyrim to Level Up Skills Faster

Always be on the look out for books in Skyrim and read them. Some books can level up one of your skills immediately. Note you can not keep leveling up a skill by reading the same book again, however. And you do not have to flip through all the pages of the book to level up the skill the book gives.

Any methods to how you level up faster in Elder Scrolls Skyrim (or level up easier)?

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    • Sethughes profile image

      Sethughes 5 years ago

      Very helpful. It takes me forever to level up. Ill have to try these. Thanks

    • David 470 profile image

      David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

      Skeleton key in skyrim? Damn, the thieves guild is one of the few faction questions I did not do....

      Having the unbreakable skeleton lockpick would have been helpful if I knew about it a long time ago.

      Thanks for the comment.

    • profile image

      Ghost036 5 years ago

      Or do Thieves Guild quest to get unbreakable skeleton lockpick and fail on purpose over and over.

    • profile image

      Psiberzerker 5 years ago

      One exception is Pickpocket. If you're going to use it, you want as much of a starting skill as possible, because Experience is based on success. Unlock Lockpicking, you can just break lockpicks on a Master level lock until you level up (or run out of lockpicks.) The only other option is to pay a Trainer from Lvl 15. Any other skill can be trained up without much difficulty.

    • videogameviking profile image

      videogameviking 5 years ago from California

      I'm not usually one for speed leveling, but on occasion I'll succumb to it in order to obtain an anticipated perk quicker. This is a useful article for those who don't know about such methods.