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Best dolls for toddlers

Updated on November 13, 2015

Most toddlers are fascinated by children who are around their own age. I don’t really know why this is the case, but I frequently saw it when my daughter was younger. This preference translates into an definite preference of dolls that are a toddler's own age or younger.

In this article we will look at the bet dolls for toddlers as well as accessories for those dolls.

Corolle Tidoo Suce Pouce in Pajamas - 12 inch Doll
In my opinion this is the best doll for a toddler. It is extremely light to carry around, which is great and it is soft and cuddly. The doll is also water proof, which means your toddler can take it swimming or play with it in the bath. The doll floats so no chance you will lose it. You can put it in the washing machine on a gentle setting, which means it's easy to clean, also it dries fairly quickly.

It has those eyes that open and close, which the kids seem to like.

It is a little pricey, but the dolls high quality has made it the most popular doll for toddlers.

My First Baby Powder Pink - Madame Alexander
If the previous doll is a little too expensive for you Baby Powder Pink is the best cheaper alternative. It's a little smaller and very cute, perhaps better for very young toddlers.

Best doll accessories

These accessories are all compatible with the Corolle Tidoo 12 inch dolls, like the one I recommended above. Though I am sure they will work with similar sized or smaller dolls.

Doll Stroller
If you get one accessory for your toddler's doll, I would say: make it a stroller. Toddlers love pushing their toys around in the stroller, whether you go on a trip to the park or just around the house. This toy is both cute and durable with it's steel frame.

Nursery Mealtime Set
This is a great set for toddler to have pretend meals with their dolls. It has a feeding dish, pretend bottle, spoon, bottle warmer, baby food jar and bib. All the soft items are machine washable.

High Chair
This is a cute little plastic highchair. The chair is made from a sturdy attractive hard plastic. You will find it fairly easy to assemble. I don't really like many of the high chairs on the market, but this one is a winner.

Nursery Small Carry Bed
Nice for transporting toddler dolls and for toddlers who like to tuck their dolls in at night. Made from a pretty pink machine washable material.

Nursery Doll Bed
You can get more than one doll into this great nursery doll bed.

Best toddler doll outfits

Here are some cute outfits for 12 inch toddler dolls. I especially like the overall set, which goes on with easy to use Velcro straps. Your toddler will love dressing up their toddler dolls.

The Corolle Denim Overalls Set outfit is suitable for both girl and boy dolls.

Dollhouse for toddlers
You can't really talk about dolls for toddlers without discussing dollhouses. Now these dollhouses are only really suitable for older toddlers. This dollhouse is relatively easy to assemble and is made of sturdy, solid wood. It comes with some furniture and a family of five dolls. Melissa & Doug makes quality child toys and this doll house is no exception. It's a very attractive dollhouse and provides plenty of pretend play and entertainment for toddlers.

If you enjoyed best dolls for toddlers you might also enjoy best toddler mittens and best baby dolls for toddlers.

Toddlers love to take their dolls with them everywhere
Toddlers love to take their dolls with them everywhere

Proof that little girls aren't the only ones who love strollers

Toddler dolls are a favorite toy of little girls
Toddler dolls are a favorite toy of little girls
Even boys love to push dolls around in strollers
Even boys love to push dolls around in strollers
Toddlers love playing with their dolls
Toddlers love playing with their dolls


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