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Best gifts for 1 year old girl

Updated on February 9, 2016

Buying a gift for a 1 year old girl can be a little tricky. The problem is that at this age they have a very short attention span. The best toys for little girls are the ones which they will enjoy playing again and again. Toys that will keep them coming back well into their third year. Items which use sound, flashing lights or bright colors do well with one year olds.

Baby doll - best gift for 1 year old girl

My First Baby doll
There is a definite difference in how a 1 year old relates to a toddler doll and how they fell about their other toys. They know that this is a toy which resembles themselves and this fascinates them in a way that their other toys cannot. If you decide to buy this doll it will probably quickly become your child's favorite toy.

My First Baby doll is made from entirely of baby-safe material, it is washable and perfect for tiny hands to grasp and hug. At 12 inches I found it to be just the right size for a 1 year old toddler.

In my opinion the My first baby doll is one of the best gifts for a 1 year old girl.

Fisher Price Little People Sweet Sounds Home

The main feature of the toy is that a number of the items in the house make a sound when you open or push them. The phone rings the toilet flushes and so on. In addition the toys inside and the dollhouse itself is sturdy enough to take the abuse a teething toddler can dish out.

The assembly required is minimal - just a few screws. You will need to put on a few stickers, but setting it up doesn't take much time at all.

All little ladies love playing with a dollhouse and this is the best first dollhouse for young toddlers.

The Little People dollhouse is made from sturdy hard plastic by Fisher Price, a well respected company in the toy manufacturing industry.

Best gifts for 1 year old girl
Best gifts for 1 year old girl

Disney Music CDs
Toddler sing along CDs are a great cheap gift for young girls. They are especially useful when you are traveling by car and you need to keep your toddler happy and docile.

While this gift is made by Disney, they aren't Disney songs. They are classic baby and toddler songs.

Little Tikes swing
The little Tikes swing is a great gift for your more adventurous 1 year old.

Little girls love the swinging motion and can enjoy the fresh air and watch the birds. Pushing your toddler on the swing can be a very relaxing experience.

Toddlers love this kind of toy. Where they strike the toy with something and it makes a noise. This Glockenspiel is great because both the toy and the mallet are extremely sturdy and the tones are bright and clear. This toy is a definite winner.

Edushapes Shapemates
This is an educational toy intended to give 1 year old girls a head start in math and reading. The toy uses both sounds and lights to keep your toddler interested.

Best gifts for 1 year old girl
Best gifts for 1 year old girl


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