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Best scooter for 3 year old

Updated on July 18, 2014

What to look for when choosing the best scooter for a 3 year old

My son has received a scooter for his 3rd birthday and he loves it. It's great when you want to walk anywhere as he just takes his scooter and it stops the moans about being tired because he is just having fun.

When picking a scooter for a 3 year old, definitely get one with 3 wheel as they will need it for balance. There are lots of scooters on the market aimed at younger children and this article gives a list of some of the best scooters for 3 year olds.

What to Look for When Choosing a Scooter

There are a few things you should consider when buying a scooter for a young child. Check them out below.

A scooter that folds or is lightweight. Not all scooters fold but the one my 3 year old has does. I find it really useful because when he gets fed up of being on his scooter when we're out, I can just fold it up and carry it. If the one you choose doesn't fold, make sure it's lightweight then it's easy to carry too. Of course, a folding scooter takes less space to store as well.

Wheels. - I've already stated that scooters with 3 wheels are best. Scooters with two wheels are difficult for young children to balance on and move. Also I would personally avoid plastic or PVC wheels and go for wheels made of polyurethane / urethane as these offer a smoother ride.

Safety and stability - Scooters have lots of different features that make them safer and more stable for young children. For example, a low deck will make it easy for young children to climb on and off. A wide deck can make it easier for children to balance.

Will they grow with your child - It's worth considering the age range of your chosen scooter. Some scooters are designed for kids from aged 3 to 7. Others have features such as adjustable handlebars so they will grow with your child. Also, check the maximum weight limit. This can be a better indicator of how long the scooter will last your child. Taller or heavier children will exceed the weight limits of some scooters before exceeding the recommended age.

Read Reviews - I would really recommend reading the reviews of the scooter you are interested in buying. There are lots over on amazon. The reviews can give you a real idea of what the scooter is like and whether it will suit your child. For example, some scooters tend to be slower than other. This can be good for the more careful child but not so good for a kid that wants to tear around.

Mini Micro Scooter

The mini kick scooter is designed for kids aged 3 to 5 years old. We actually bought this one for my youngest son. I am very happy with it. The wheels are made of high quality polyurethane and you can tell because it offers a really smooth ride.

It doesn't fold (the only downside) but it is very lightweight (3.3lbs). This makes it easier to carry and kids can pick it up and maneuver it when necessary. It also makes it easy for little kids to handle and control.

It has a unique steering design, "the lean-and-steer mechanism". So my son leans to the left and it goes right, lean to the right and it goes right. Kids tend to be able to zip around quickly on this as they get bigger.

The deck is low so easy for small children to step on and off. It's also a wide deck which is helpful for balance and stability. There is also a brake.

It won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold and Platinum Award Seals 2009

It is expensive but this scooter has excellent reviews over on Also, after you've finished using it, they have an excellent resale value on ebay so you could always sell it later on. Or buy a secondhand one.

It comes in lots of different colors too.

Watch it in action below.

Radio Flyer Scooter

The Radio Flyer Pro Glider scooter is featured opposite. This is aimed at kids aged 3 plus. It features premium E-Z glide wheels made of urethane for a smoother ride. There is also a lean and steer mechanism for turning, so kids lean to the left to go left and right to go right. It also has a foot brake and a tapered deck for a clear kick path.

It has a wide deck for safety and stability. It also has a wide turning radius. This is good for safety, although some kids may find it frustrating not to be able to zip around the corners.

The weight limit is 60 pounds.

Razor Folding Kiddie Scooter

What I like most about this scooter is that it folds. This has been a really good feature in my eldest son's scooter as I find it easier to carry when I fold it. And he quite often has enough of the scooter when we're out and about so I end up having to carry it. When it's folded, I can also hang it on the end of my youngest son's pushchair. However, this may not be important to everybody!

It's designed for kids aged 3 and over.

It features a wide, slip-resistant polypropylene deck and extra-wide rear wheelbase for safety and stability. It also has easy-to-grip soft foam handles.

It comes in blue and pink.

Ybike Scooter

The Ybike scooter is another choice. It has lots of similarities to the Mini Micro Scooter (featured 1st in the article). They include a lean and steer three wheel design.

Where it perhaps falls short of the mini micro scooter is it's weight. It weight 7 pounds which is double the weight of the mini.

It also features a super wide ABS reinforced rear deck for extra stability and a foot brake.

There is also a built in raised grip surface on the deck to prevent slipping.

It designed for kids aged 2 to 5 so perfect for 3 year olds.

It also comes in different colors including pink.

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    • Polly C profile image

      Polly C 7 years ago from UK

      My little boy has a mini micro scooter - he got it a couple of months ago for his second birthday. I think it is the best thing ever - so easy to use for little ones - actually he could use it by the time he was about 21 months as it was on display in a shop and he used to scooter round the toy department. We simply had to get him one.

      We go to school every day to pick up his brother and he always takes it with him. He can scooter all the way there if there is time. When he got it, I thought it would only be used indoors until he was a little older, but no - he took to it like a duck to water. In the playground he scoots off so fast that I have to run after him sometimes, especially when he thinks hurtling down a slope would be a good idea! And he never falls off. Amazing! But then, he is pretty daring - his brother has a JD Bug stunt scooter and he is waiting for the day when he can jump down steps and turn my hair grey!