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Best toy for 1 year old boy

Updated on November 8, 2015

1 year old boys can be very active, with short attention spans. This can make buying toys for them problematic as they can grow frustrated or bored with a toy quickly. After which they tend to stop playing with it. When you pick a toy for a 1 year old I would recommend looking for something that makes sound, has movement and/or flashing lights. The idea being that your toddler will get more stimulation from the toy and keep going back to playing with it.

Best toy for one year old boys
Best toy for one year old boys

Leapfrog musical table
This has to be one of the best new toys for toddlers. It has two modes, musical and vocal. 1 year olds can't really enjoy the vocal mode, but they love the musical one.1 year olds develop very quickly, but they will keep coming back to this toy for the next 2 years.

Once your toddler starts trying to stand you can ad the legs. It gives your toddler a motivation to stand up and stay there. Be warned once you attached the legs they are permanent.

This toy is both sturdy and easy to clean. The musical table is definitely one of the best value for money toys on the market today.


It really shouldn't come as any great surprise that some of the best toys are timeless classics that you played with as a child. The Rack-A-Stack is an excellent example of a toy with timeless appeal .

This is one of the best cheap learning toys for boys.

Boys love the primal colors of the plastic hoops and they like to chew on the hoops when they are teething.

Playing in the sand allows a boy's imagination the freedom to grow.

Playful Sandbox
This is the best sandbox available for young boys. The sandbox has a cover to protect it from weather and pets. The sandstone color allows it to better fit into your garden.

The sandbox is big enough to let 3 boys play in it and kids up to age 6 love this toy.

Tuffie trucks
Boys like to play with construction trucks. These are 3 high quality hard plastic trucks. There is a bulldozer, dump truck and a cement mixer. The most impressive part of these toys is that they seem pretty much indestructible.

Beach play set
Whether you take your boy to the beach or he just wants to help you in the garden. This set of toys will keep him entertained. It has the basics a shovel and a bucket, but also has a sand sifter and a watering can.

Best toy for 1 year old boy
Best toy for 1 year old boy

Bob the builder tool belt set

Bob the builder is a a TV character. If your son is a fan of Bob he will love this toy tool belt, tools and hard hat. He can go out and pretend to be Bob the builder.

Classic walker wagon

One year old boys are just about starting to walk. This walking wagon can help them to build their early walking muscles.

They also seem to like picking stuff up, putting it in the wagon and moving it around with them. All in all a very clever, sturdy toy.

If you enjoyed this article, why not read outside toys for toddlers.

I hope you found a great toy for your 1 year old boy here.


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