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Best toys for 10 year old boys

Updated on November 23, 2015

My First Lab Duo-Scope

The age of 10 is a great time to turn a boy's interest in science into a passion. For a 10 year old the Duo-Scope is the perfect mix of features, quality, and low cost.

Microscope positives:

  • It's light but sturdy.
  • It comes with a detailed manual.
  • Good accessories such as four prepared slides, six blank slides, tweezers, slide covers, stains, scalpel, lens wipes, vinyl dust cover, and more.
  • A pointer in the optic field.
  • Superior light from 2 LED lights, much better than microscopes which use mirrors.

Best toy for 10 year old boys
Best toy for 10 year old boys


Sometimes the simplest toys are the best ones. This kite has 2 string if you pull the one the kite will turn to that side, if you pull on the other it turns to the other side. After a while a kid can make the kite do loops and move it around as he likes. The kite doesn't do well in low wind, but it's very exciting to fly it in a strong wind.

Lego Star Wars

Star Wars have come out with a series of movies, as well as a cartoon series recently. This has made Star Wars very popular with 10 year old boys. I have always respected Lego toys. Having to put the toy together themselves does make it Lego toys special to kids.

The first Lego kit is the fighter of the hero Anakin. The second is the bad guy, General grievous's fighter. With both of these he can act out space battles.

The third one is and tank belonging to the bad guys and the fourth one is a drop ship belonging to the good guys. A kid can have fun little battles with these sets.

The last set is a big one, it's a battle cruiser from the clone fleet. A big ship in the good guys' fleet.

You'll have as much fun with these toys as your 10 year old.

Best toys for 10 year old boys
Best toys for 10 year old boys

Portable soccer goals

These 2 portable soccer goals turn any bit of grass into a soccer field. Great for active 10 year old boys.

They have pegs to keep them where you set them up. They are a great precision training tool for kids.


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    • profile image

      tom 8 years ago

      wow this is cool!!!!!!!!!!

    • ChloeAliceWilson profile image

      ChloeAliceWilson 8 years ago from Spain

      I've heard that Lego Star Wars is really popular but I think my 8 year old would like the microscope too. He's getting a good interest in science at the moment so maybe I'll put this on his Christmas list. Thanks.