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Better Your Chances for Lottery Winning

Updated on March 30, 2012
What would you do if you won?
What would you do if you won?

The Draw

If you hadn't bought a lottery ticket for the largest Mega Millions jackpot, then you're in the minority. At last check the pot was up to over $640 MILLION. Unbelievable! With a prize this high, people were running to their local convenience stores to purchase a ticket. In states that do not offer Mega Millions, border cities had lines around the corner--and then some. The national news showed a California store located near the Nevada state line (Nevada does not offer Mega Millions) with hundreds of people waiting in line! Crazy! Here in Georgia where I live, the local news reported this state alone sold over $6 million in tickets in 48 hours.

The frenzy created by this large jackpot has people forgetting their low odds of winning. At last count, the media was saying there's a 1 in 176 million chance of winning the grand prize. Pretty low in my book.

Have you ever played?

I'll admit, I don't usually play the lottery, mostly because I'm too embarrassed. At my old job my boss used to hand out scratch-off games. I think I won a couple of bucks. At a Christmas party last year, the host bought lottery tickets for Mega Millions and put them on his Christmas tree as parting gifts for his guests. I took a couple and couldn't wait for the drawing to take place. With eager anticipation, I went online the next day to see the results.

My heart began to pound as one of my cards matched several of the numbers. Then I began to do some research to see what I won. What a disappointment! These lotteries that have a powerball number are nearly impossible to win. The powerball must be an exact match in order to win anything significant, meaning $100 or more. Needless to say, matching three numbers but not the powerball gave me a grand total of $7. Better than nothing I suppose.

Secrets to increasing your chances

Every lottery game in every state is all based upon complex mathematical formulas. The good news is that most of the state's websites clearly post the odds for you. But you still need to do little bit of extra research to better your odds.

Mega Millions: Focus on the megaball. All big prizes depend on that one number matching up. Therefore, if you buy 40 tickets, choose 40 different numbers so you have a better chance of winning at least $100. Forget superstition. There's is no lucky state or store to buy your ticket at. You'll just drive yourself crazy.

Scratch-off games: Remember it's all about the math. Go online and look at your odds with each game. You might be better off playing a game that has a lesser prize because the odds of winning are lower. Also, look for NEWLY-STARTED games. The game itself doesn't have to be new, just reset. You want a game that still has most of its big prizes left. It really pays off to do online research before you purchase.

Share your secrets

I know you have your own secrets you're dying to share with others. Here's your chance.

No matter what your secret to winning, remember playing the lottery should be all in fun!


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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      If you don't want to take the risk to play a lottery ticket you can't have the chance to win. I say play once in awhile.

    • my_girl_sara profile image

      Cynthia Lyerly 5 years ago from Georgia

      I agree, but it's fun sometimes to play. You never know...

    • profile image

      Ruthie 5 years ago

      Hmmmmmm! I think I'll take my "chances" with the Lord's provision. I believe the "odds" are in my favor and I'll always be a winner by trusting in Him to meet my needs!