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Bingo Blitz Strategy Guide - Tips and How To

Updated on April 10, 2012

Recently the game Bingo Blitz on Facebook has become an internet sensation. The popularity of the game has caused it to become one of Facebook's most popular games with over 10,000 active users playing the game daily. The Bingo Blitz page on Facebook has well over two million users, which puts it at the top of the list of the most popular games being played on Facebook today. Bingo Blitz says it has over 37,000 monthly subscribers to the game. The game received an impressive 4 out of 4/5 stars, so you know that true gamers love this latest craze. On the Bingo Blitz cheats forums many users actually put this game above the popular Farmville.

Follow these Bingo Blitz tips and you will be well on your way to a fun night playing Bingo on Facebook. The game is very easy to start playing. You simply click the application that takes you to the entertainment central section. You will immediately receive 15 free credits for that day, and then you select whether you want 1,2,3 or 4 bingo cards. Depending on how many other participants are playing, the game can move along rather quickly. There are many different ways to win at Bingo Blitz, depending on the combination for that game. There is traditional one row, four corners, square and full board variations that all have different prize structures pertaining to each type of win. The game takes you miles away from the traditional bingo machine and balls, you will be transported to an area like atmosphere with audio and visual effects to keep you entertained the entire time. The action is fast paced, the sounds are incredible and players love to advance up levels as they complete and compete for the next challenge.

Bingo Blitz has some excellent variations to the traditional Bingo game. Players receive coins when they win a Bingo game, which they can use in the online gift shop, buy more games with or collectibles. Certain tiles on each of your cards can either hide coins or treasure chests. You can open the treasure chest with a key that you win as a reward for playing a certain amount of rounds. Treasure chests contain anything from power-ups, bonus coins, and credits. The locations where you can play in Bingo Blitz are names after major cities, each offering 12 collectibles that you can buy or earn with game play.

With any popular game, many sites that offer Bingo Blitz tips and Bingo Blitz cheats are all over the internet. Some of the sites offering tips from how to get unlimited coins, to how to get free credits and power-ups do allow players to experience features of the game they may not experience if they are not savvy enough to play at a top level. Therefore, these sites do add some value to players that want a little edge. The power-ups in Bingo Blitz do take a little time for the players to get used to, and many novice players never seem to get the hang of it. You have to keep track of when you can use the power-up, a meter in the right corner charges whenever the Bingo caller announces a number. You use the power-ups to fill random spaces on your card. If you take your time and enjoy the game for what it is, you will find that Bingo Blitz is a fun game that will keep you entertained for many hours.


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