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Bioshock game Review

Updated on February 11, 2009

My Review

 Everyone raved about BioShock when it came out and to be honest I wasn't really convinced and didn't end up playing it until a friend installed it for me. This is my Review


The atmosphere in this game is really quite amazing and you will feel very drawn in from the very first cinematic movie. The makers of the game have really worked hard on building a wonderful and unique world for us to explore. The atmosphere in the game is quite gloomy and spooky and it can make you feel quite uneasy kind of like doom 4 but maybe not quite that much. It is very retro in the way the buildings are designed and the old fashioned look of objects and items.

This for me was something that drew me into the game as I was sick of seeing all this modern warfare in games going over the top.


This game has very impressive voice acting and narration and the characters have voices extremely well suited to the environment. Sometimes game voices are totally off but picked them very well. Along with the involving story line and great voice acting this game is very enjoyable.

The sounds in Bioshock are also very well done and match the mood of the gameplayer for example a quiet situation will have low calm music as when you are running for your life the music picks up.

The sounds make the setting even more spooky and uneasy and your just waiting for some deformed creature to pop out and slash at you.


Bioshock has a lot of things you look for in a game including great graphics. I used to play bioshock on a Nvidia 8800GT and I was able to run it at the highest quality and it definitely improved the enjoyability of the game.


The most important thing to me in games is the gameplay , and this game for me was very enjoyable as it was very fast paced and very smooth.

It just feels nice to play , when i'm running around trying to beat someone over the head with a lead pipe the attacker is very fast and its challenging to move around and beat him up.

The guns and weapons have a great clean feel about them and each one feels different when you play making it great , meaning you wont get bored with some of the weaker guns and find it fun to go back and use the regular pistol or lead pipe.


Plasmids or special abilities are something that makes bioshock stand out from other games. It gives the gamer the ability to choose how they will play the game and customize there arsenal accordingly.

There are many different plasmids you will pick up such as telekeneis , flame thrower, freeze and many others and there are heaps of different ways to kill your opponents and you will find different abilities work better on different foes. My favourite method was to freeze someone then shatter them quickly with a gun or pipe.   


Overall Bioshock is worth playing but before you buy its probably best if you can try it at a friends house or something because from the people i talked to they either found it a really deep incredible game or somewhat boring. If your into the type of atmosphere bioshock offers you should definitely give it a try as this is one of the things that got a bit old for me, I was just screaming out for some light and sun but afterall it is a world below sea level:).

Anyway even if your not a fan of the style its worth playing for the gameplay because it wont give you much time to be bored. hope i helped you decide whether or not to buy/play bioshock. 

Aaah good times
Aaah good times


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