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Biome Terrain Minecraft Mod | How To Change Your Minecraft World

Updated on December 5, 2010
Floating islands in the sky - Minecraft style.
Floating islands in the sky - Minecraft style. | Source

Of all the mods that have been created for Minecraft, Biome Terrian Mod is perhaps the most game changing and exciting mod of all. Why? Because instead of exploring the same old minecraft worlds where biomes rarely stretch as far as the eye can see and the landscape becomes a homogenous swathe of green bits, sandy bits and peaky bits, by using Biome Terrain Mod, you can create mountainous minecraft worlds, desert minecraft worlds, worlds of ocean and so much more.

Here are a few of the features that are customizable when you use the Biome Terrain Mod. I won't go into all of them because there are just so very many and we'd be here all day. These are several of the features that have made the mod so incredibly popular.

Large Biomes, Small Biomes. Set the sizes of biomes. Want to find massive deserts, or forests that seem to stretch forever? Adjust the biome size to achieve your goal.

Snow and Ice controls.

Addition of Swamp biomes. Swamp biomes are a new kind of biome only available with Biome Terrain Mod.

Addition of true desert biomes. All water will be removed from desert biomes.

New Trees! Pine Trees, Savannah Trees. Sick of seeing the same trees wherever you go? This mod has two new tree types.

Dungeon rarity control. Ever get sick of not being able to find a dungeon? With this mod, dungeons can become plentiful as pixels.

Deposit rarity. Tired of searching for days for a handful of diamonds? Make diamonds plentiful by changing deposit rarity settings.

Water Level. Enjoy boat trips? Wish there were bigger, more frequent lakes and oceans? Set your water level high.

Higher Mountains, Deeper Valleys. Set values for the average height and depth of ridges and valleys. Create a world where climbing is your only option, and a single slip means almost certain death.

Volatility. Want your world to be a crazy mish mash of random terrain? Set your volatility high.

Underground lakes. Ever wish you could chill out lakeside 30 meters underground? Now you can.

It should go without saying (but it won't) that you should back up any saves you're particularly attached to before using this mod. There is a danger of corruption, or of your precious existing worlds being modified in a way that makes you cry on the inside.

Installing the mod requires modifying the minecraft.jar file. This is fairly easily done. There are instructions for doing it here, on this article I wrote about installing texture packs, written prior to in game texture pack support. The method still works for any kind of modification to the .jar.

Had enough of reading about it? Want to download it? Here's your download link!


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