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How to win the Black Abbot raid in DDO

Updated on May 18, 2010

This hub is a guide to a quest in Turbine's Dungeons and Dragons online (a MMORPG). It's the final encounter in one of the high level areas, and rarely completed by players. The ascension chamber where the Black Abbot lies is protected by puzzles more than anything else. Anyone can go in and meet the lich if they're flagged.

Being litany flagged requires you to have completed all the other quests located in the Orchard of the Macabre. But you have to do more than complete them! You also have to loot eight unique sigils from their end chests. This is best done with a full group of other people looking for parts. You'll be able to swap sigil pieces inside the chest, so your unneeded ones might just be what someone else is looking for.

You're not done with the Black Abbot flagging when you have the sigil. It allows you to enter a dungeon called the "Litany of the Dead". All four of the powerful beings the lich is working with (who you've already met in the Orchard dungeons) are inside this area. Defeating all of them will allow you to access the Ascension Chamber. Unfortunately, you can only enter one wing each time you're in the dungeon. In other words you'll have to complete Litany four times before you can reach the Black Abbot. Most people quit before they get this far in DDO's Necropolis 4 chain. You many find some nice items in the dungeon if you're lucky.

The black abbot fight usually isn't the hard part about this raid.
The black abbot fight usually isn't the hard part about this raid.

The Puzzles

Everyone should advance together along the blue bridge. Going too far ahead will wake up the lich. He'll immediately drop the glowing bridge and attack. That water on the side? It's bad for you. Very bad. You'll die almost instantly if you touch it. It's also incredibly difficult to ressurect swimming people as their soulstones (required to raise DDO characters from the dead) are at the very bottom of the lake.

The Black Abbot doesn't put up much of a fight at first. Three doors will open when he's significantly damaged. These lead to one of three random puzzle rooms:

  • Asteroids. Purple rocks litter the floor here. Grab a stack of them and shoot them at the incoming meteors. It helps to be playing Dungeons and Dragons online in Mouselook mode (hit T), or cinematic mode. Cinematic mode can be done by pressing ALT and Z at the same time. It turns off all your UI (User Interface) elements and lets you focus on hitting meteors. This asteroids puzzle is much easier if you spread out and watch each player's back.
  • Ice Islands. Two players use the wands to create icebergs. You'll be required to synchronize a bit or else. The first sarcophagus is located along the path in the water - break it with a bow or throwing weapon. Try not to put your ice islands in the middle of an arrow trap. Hop along the icebergs until you reach the other side of the hall.
  • Tiles. Invisible, moving tiles create a path over a pit you must guide your ally through. Pick up a pair of goggles to see them. This is probably the hardest of all the Black Abbot puzzles in DDO. Any instructions you give players must account for the lag one of you will surely have.

Destroy both sarcophagus in each of the puzzle chambers to "complete" it. Once all three puzzles are complete (or failed) you can hop through the portal and start the raid fight.

Don't worry about casting buffs on your party. The lich will remove them often from your characters. They might still help until then though!

Fighting the Lich

Killing the black abbot a second time isn't as easy as it was when you walked in the door. He has some new tricks up his sleeve! He announces each one of his special moves in chat a few moments before it's cast:

  • The Inferno. A giant wall of fire will engulf the entire room. Your only escape is to create an ice island with one of the wands from the puzzle chamber. These icebergs will not last as long as the Black Abbot inferno spell. You can have someone cast another and hop to it. Warning: Be very careful not to stay on the islands for too long. He may encase your entire group there and the raid is lost.

    Alternatively, you can also attempt to heal through the inferno. This is not recommended for DDO players who have to read a raid walkthrough guide. It does a large amount of fire damage every couple seconds. Inferno also saps spell points. Items like the Firestorm Greaves and a (blue) fireshield are extremely helpful here. You can use a Cloak of Ice from the Orchard Beholder quest to cast fireshield on yourself. A remove curse spell or potion will also stop lingering inferno damage.
  • Encasement. The black abbot will solidify one of your teammates and everyone next to him into a rock This can be broken using the thrown weapons you tossed at the asteroids. It takes three shots to free someone. Be quick, as the encasement will deal damage and eventually kill everyone caught within.
  • Disjunction. The lich casts the level 9 wizard spell, Mordenkainen's Disjunction, on one of your group members. This temporarily removes almost all their buffs, and equipment effects.
  • Invisible Wraiths. Your teammates who went to the tile puzzle can equip their goggles to see them. These foul creatures sap spell points from people they strike in combat. Luckily, your DDO characters don't need to actually see these monsters to kill them. They'll die quickly in any of the area of effect spells you might have (ie: Blade Barrier, Wall of Fire).

Keep fighting him and eventually he'll die. Good luck with the Black Abbot raid, and don't forget to sacrifice a halfling for loot! What did you think of this quest guide? Any other questions or things players should know? Use the guestbook below.


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