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Black Ops 2: Easy Guide to get the High Scorestreaks.

Updated on May 7, 2013

Black Ops 2 is different.

Unlike the previous Call of Duty games, Black Ops 2 has introduced a new system of getting "killstreaks", through the score you accumulate trough different actions in game. For instance instead of purely relying on kills to get your various streaks, you can now capture objectives, disable enemy scorestreaks and complete different tasks to get score. This means that to maximise your chance of getting the high scorestreaks, you need to be playing more objectively than ever before. Especially, since completing objective actions is now far more worthwhile than kills. (A flag capture giving 200 score, instead of the 100 score you get from each kill.)

For this reason, instead of giving tips on how to get the most amount of kills per game, I will be going through how you can get the most amount of score instead.

The Msmc Sub-Machine gun is an excellent choice when going for large scorestreaks.
The Msmc Sub-Machine gun is an excellent choice when going for large scorestreaks.

Forget about your K/D ratio.

One of the biggest obstacles that many people find when they are trying to get the high scorestreaks, is that they are too focussed on not losing their high K/D. This means that they play in a camping/overly defensive style which brings them no kills, as well as barely any points in general. By forgetting about the importance of your K/D (which there is none) you are able to move around the map far more, and therefore capture more flags and play the objective.

Create a good Customised Class.

For those who often find that the more that they move around the less that they can play effectively, and/or kill opposing players, the simple solution to this issue would be to use a combination of the best guns/perks to aid you in the battlefield. If not, you will surely be out gunned/played by opposing players who are using the overpowered weapons, and are utilising every advantage that they have open to them. There is no need for you to cripple yourself by using the under-powered weapons such as the LMGs or the SVU-AS for example, instead try to get a mix of some of the higher performance guns such as the PDW and the MSMC.

In addition to using a variety of strong weapons, you can do yourself a favour by adding the best perks to your custom classes/. Now there is some personal preference as to which are the best perks and attachments for each class, but for me here are the best for you to choose from.

  • Lightweight/Hard-line/Ghost/Flak Jacket.
  • Scavenger/Fast hands/Toughness.
  • Dexterity/Technician/Tactical mask.

You can take your pick as to which perks you will choose for your own classes, but what is important, is that you use the perks that maximise the potential for you to get as many points per game as possible.

Having a good class is essential for getting the high scorestreaks.
Having a good class is essential for getting the high scorestreaks.

Pick a good set of scorestreaks.

Not only do you need to make sure that you have the high scorestreaks, but you need to make sure that they are easily going to be able to to help you to get to the next one on your list. One of my favourite combination of scorestreaks are the Orbital VSAT, Warthog and the Swarm. This combination is not only quite easy to get through once you get the VSAT, but it also gets you to the highest streak in the game the Swarm. However, if you honestly do no feel that you will be able to get to the VSAT before dying, then you may want to go slightly lower.

The next best alternative for me, would be the following. The Lightning Strike, The Stealth Chopper and then finally the Warthog. This combination is very easy to get and will typically get you a lot of kills very quickly. Also, since the first streak only requires 750 points, if you attach Hardline to your class, it will only take a total of 675 points to get to your first streak. This means that you would only have to capture 2 flags in domination and kill three enemies to be able to get your first steak. Alternatively, if you manage to kill any enemies whilst you are capturing the points, you will only have to capture one point (not your spawn point at the beginning of the game), and kill three enemies.

FearCrads on how to get the high scorestreaks on Black Ops 2.


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