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Black Ops 2 Pick Ten System

Updated on November 7, 2012

Pick Ten System, Bold Change!!

For all of you hardcore call of duty fans you are not going to need me to explain what the pick ten system, but for all the new guys and gals who are thinking of giving it a whirl this year with Black Ops 2 then there is a new system for picking what your load out is.

The Pick Ten system is by far the most innovative and bold change to the call of duty series yet and it looks like it is going to work a treat, If your not up to speed then let me enlighten you, In all the previous call of duty's you had to select what weapons and attachments and grenades etc you wanted before you started, you could select these and turn them into a few separate classes, these were called your load out classes and for the most part they worked fairly well, you could have quite a few variations especially when adding what perks you wanted but more recently it was felt by the developers that a change was needed so they developed the Pick Ten system

What Is The Pick Ten System

The Pick Ten system works in a totally different way to previous games and their load out classes, With the Pick Ten system you basically have a class with ten blank Slots which need to be filled, Each item such as primary weapons, grenades or perks is 1 slot, I know, when your working out what you usually carry it comes to around 9 or ten slots so your thinking how is this going to benefit me.

Have you ever wished you could have more than one grenade per life, or fancy having more than three perks but don't want to have lost your ability to have assault kill streaks. This system helps you to do that, If you want just a pistol, knife and 6 perks then you can do, If you want a primary with no attachments, no secondary, 2 perks and 7 grenades you can do. Basically this Pick Ten system gives you hundreds if not thousands of more options, There is a video of one of the developers going out with the aforementioned pistol, knife and 6 perks and the speed and damage he can do is phenomenal.

There are however restrictions which there is always going to be with a new innovative system such as this!.

Pick Ten Limitations

Of course there was going to be limitations, we didn't want you all going crazy with some super powerful load outs and beating everyone you see, It has to be fair surely.

Wildcards: You are allowed three wild-cards in total and these act as a modifier of sorts, You can add these and they don't act as one of your allotted slots so you can use them to add another perk or to add another attachment to your gun or you can add it so you can have your 6 perks instead of just one. Great idea.

One Primary: You can still only have one primary for all of those people who though that they could run around with your Scar-h and your Sniper rifle.

Limited Grenades: Of course you cannot go out with 9 grenades and a pistol, You can still only have one type of grenade an they can only fill two slots although using a wild card you can have three grenades!! still better than one eh guys!.

Perks: Like with previous games you can have three perks but with the wild cards added you could theoretically have up to six perks, Now wouldn't that be fun!!?.


So there you go guys a brief run down of the new pick a class system and I must say im super excited to get my hands on it in just 5 days time, Once we are up and running there will be a few more tips and strategies hubs for you all to read, Or if your stuck or want up to date news then check out my website If you enjoyed this hub then please vote up and share with your friends. Thank you.


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