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Black Ops 2 Revolution "Die Rise" Zombies - Roof Top Strategy

Updated on February 1, 2013

Die Rise is the new zombies map included with the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC map pack. This is the first map pack released for Black Ops 2. Revolution is currently only available on the Xbox 360, however, it will also be released for PS3 and PC owners. Die Rise is quite different than the Tranzit zombie map in regards to using transportation. Instead of using a bus like players did on the Tranzit map, players will use elevators and will have to leap to buildings to explore the map.

Note that Die Rise is also known as "Great Leap Forward." When you load the map on Black Ops 2 Zombies it will be referred to as that name. It is most likely named this because of the soaring heights and long jumps that players have to make on the map where they could potentially fall to their death if not careful.

Black Ops 2 Revolution Die Rise Zombies Strategy

Just like previous zombie maps, try and make as many points as you can in the first few rounds. In the spawn area, you can either take the elevator down or open the door in the area. Note that all the players MUST be in the elevator for it to go down. Note that going through the door allows faster access to the mystery box, but going down the elevator allows faster access to the power room.

Taking Elevators to Rooftop

There are many elevator shafts on Die Rise Zombies. These elevators will have perks like juggernog that you can purchase. However, be very careful as you can fall down the elevator shafts when the elevator is not there or get smashed by the elevators. Note that the perks are not always in the same elevators each time you play Die Rise.

To get to the top of the roof, jump on top of one of the elevators. The elevator will go up to the roof. The roof has claymores and semtex grenades that you can purchase. Claymores are very useful on a claustrophobic map like Die Rise.

Die Rise Zombies: Roof Top Strategy

Once you have a couple perks (especially juggernog) and decent weapons, go to the side of the roof where the ramp and staircase is. The roof top is a great place to defend at because you have a lot of room to move around! Stand somewhere near the ramp on the roof. Most of the zombies will attack you from the front. The only zombies that will attack from behind are the ones in the barricade behind you.

If possible, tell one player to defend the barricade while you (or more player(s)] defend the front. All the zombies will hoard up in front of you leaving you able to line up perfect shots on them. You'll be able to make plenty of points on Black Ops 2 Die Rise staying on the roof near the ramp.

Note that this strategy will work best if you have several perks and powerful weapons. Also, this strategy will not get you to round 50, but you can use it in rounds 1-25 approximately. Whenever you get really far in Die Rise, the zombies simply become too powerful for you to be able to stay at the roof top.

To make things easier, use claymores and place them behind you just in case the zombies do happen to overwhelm your team. Go for headshots as much as possible so the zombies do not back you up into a corner.


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    • EdSaterstad profile image

      Edward D. Saterstad 5 years ago from PA

      Great article. I use a similar roof strategy. But I set up a trampoline in front of the stairs and slow the zombies down in the entry points with the Sliquifier. The trampoline will fling the zombies to their death quite consistently, and the slippery entry points will slow down the zombies.