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Black Ops 2 Skorpion EVO Great Class Setup

Updated on March 10, 2013
Skorpion EVO stats
Skorpion EVO stats

The Skorpion EVO is the last sub-machine that is unlocked in Black Ops 2 multiplayer. It has high mobility and good accuracy when firing from the hip, as all SMGs do. But what is so special about the Skorpion EVO is its insanely high rate of fire. Here, I will explain how to use this weapon the way it works best.


While the Skorpion EVO is a great gun without anything to go with it, the appropriate attachments will make it shine. The Skorpion EVO has a 1,200 rounds per minute (1,600 with rapid fire) fire rate. As you can imagine, it has a large amount of recoil when firing for more than a few moments. That is why you should try to keep in close range of the enemy. Of course, no one is really good enough to never meet an enemy at long range, so if you see a baddie far away, do not engage. The gun simply doesn't have that kind of range. If he spots you, find a way to get closer, burst fire, or run. In some situations there is nothing you can do, either because there is no way to get closer or you are under too much fire to move, so use grenades, take a good defensive position, and scream into your mic for help. Anyway, back to the attachments. Because close range battle is hectic, and you can empty your entire 32 round clip on them in about 2 seconds, you should use either fast-mags or extended clips. Use extended clips if you find that the enemy tends to travel in groups so that you can take them out without running dry. Use fast mags when you notice that the enemies travel somewhat separate from each other. Kill an enemy, scan for any of his friends that may have been close by, and reload. Using one or the other of these can be a huge life saver.

The other attachment that I'd recommend is either suppressor or laser sight. Use the suppressor when you need to go stealthy to get behind enemy lines, and use the laser sight to push the front line forward and to clear rooms. The laser sight increases accuracy when firing from the hip, which gives you a huge advantage in close range engagements, and if you don't know what a suppressor does, I'm sorry but I can't help you. In other words, use the suppressor to stay off the grid, and the laser sight if you are a more aggressive player.

I know some of you are thinking, "The recoil kicks like crazy, you should use a grip", but i did some research. The foregrip doesn't directly reduce recoil. It just decreases the time it takes for you to get your sights straightened up and back to the center of the screen. It makes the gun very, very slightly more stable. In my opinion, it isn't necessary. Ever. At least not in Black Ops 2. But if you absolutely insist that the grip is 100% necessary, go ahead and either drop either the laser sight or suppressor, or use 2 more loadout points and use primary gunfighter and use all 3 attachments. Again, I think it is unnecessary.

Nothing in the secondary slot. You automatically are given the combat knife as a secondary.

Pick up any secondary you happen to come across if you can't live without one.

1st perk slot

Use the flak jacket to better protect yourself against explosives. There are lots of explosions in the game. You are much more likely to survive while using this.

2nd perk slot

Scavenger is important in my opinion. Some people are strictly against using scavenger because they say it is a wasted perk, but think for a second. The Skorpion EVO burns through ammo like THAT. You need to keep your ammo stocked. If also keeps your lethal and tactical grenades stocked. If you still don't want to use scavenger, cold blooded or fast hands are good alternatives.

3rd perk slot

In your 3rd perk slot should be Dexterity. It makes you aim faster after sprinting, which can mean the difference between life and death. You also mantle faster, which keeps you from getting shot in the back when you need to make a quick getaway.

Also, Engineer should be used. Pick 3rd perk greed as a wildcard. It allows you to see enemy equipment in the world. It makes triggered explosives detonate later, so you can still avoid explosives that you didn't notice. You can also re-roll and trap care packages, which is a nice bonus.


Grenade. It makes an explosion, kills people, and then makes them mad. What else can you ask for?


You know when you throw a concussion grenade into a room to clear it, but there was no one in there? Well, what if it only explodes if there's someone in there? That's what shock charges do. They are proximity triggered concussion grenades. I'm not going to lie, the effects are shorter and image isn't impaired much at all. You have to act fast to maximize your chances of landing the kill. The positive side is that they can actually be used like actual concussion grenades. The enemy still cannot move fast, so you can catch that flag carrier or final enemy.

This setup won't suit everyone's style, but do give it a try before giving up. Try different attachments or perks to see which may work better for you. The Skorpion EVO is a good gun that shouldn't be passed up.

Also if there are any errors, please post it in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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    • profile image

      UEDFHIGHCOMMAND 3 years ago

      We need more of these articles.

    • profile image

      BagelCream 3 years ago

      I prefer Fast Mags over Ext. Clip for one reason: That is because with Ext. Clip, there is a penalty of a 10% longer reload time. However, Fast Mags, increases reload by 10% to 20% depending on what it's used on.

    • profile image

      Sam Gurschick 4 years ago

      Some good recommendations here. I find that fast mags is a must for any class running the scorpion. Even with extended mags it runs out of ammo too soon and it seems like the reload take quite awhile.