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How to Build the "Sliquifier" in Black Ops 2 Zombies "Die Rise"

Updated on January 19, 2014


New Super-slick Wonder Weapon

The new zombies map "Die Rise" for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Revolution Map Pack is packed full of surprises and you can always count on Treyarch putting in a new Wonder Weapon! In the new map "Die Rise" players can now fight off the living dead with "The Sliquifier" gun, and it is a super-slick piece of armory at that.

Wonder Weapons such as the Ray Gun have come along way and have changed a bit over years, and in this case, you must find all of the parts to the new weapon and build it yourself. Bad news though, when you are done building it, there can only be one of them!

Sliquifier Features

You may be wondering what the Sliquifier does and how it applies to your game. There is a purpose for this slippery new gadget and one of the secrets that it holds is key to unlocking the "High Maintenance" achievement and mega easter egg! Other than being a crucial part of the easter egg, the Sliquifier, when shot at the zombies feet, will produce a slippery lubrication and cause the zombies and new crawlers to slip and fall, making it easier for players to kill them!

How to Build the Sliquifier

You must locate all four pieces of the Sliquifier in order to buid it at the workbench. This will be the work bench at the bottom of the stairs near the top of the building and the Pylon Tower. Ypu must locate the mannequin foot, the handbrake, the bottle of "Sliquid" and the discs which can all be found in the general area of the work bench. Put them all together at the workbench and you have the "Sliquifier" gun.

There can only be on Sliquifier and if any other players want one they will have to wait until the player who has it exchanges it or dies. When they do this, anyone can then randomly get it from the Mystery Box.

Sliquifier Video Instructions

Wonder Weapons or Worthless Weapons

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