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Black Ops Ascension Zombie Map - How To Find Power and Mystery Box

Updated on February 8, 2011

Ascension Power Switch & Mystery Box (Advantages & Disadvantages

On the new map zombie map Ascension for Black Ops, there are two ways to turn on the power. Each way has its own advantages and disadvantages. When you first start the level on Ascension, you will notice that the color gets turned off. The game will remain black and white until the power gets turned on. Once the power on Ascension is turned on, you will have access to buying perks, turning on traps, and anything that requires the power to be turned on.

In the spawn room, you will notice that there are two doors in this large room. The first is at the bottom near quick revive. The other is at the top floor which takes you outside when opened. Each of these doors will lead you to both the power & mystery box.

The short way (inside route)

Black Ops Ascension Power Switch

PATH 1: Opening bottom doors - This is the fastest way to turn the power on. Open the door, and proceed up two staircases. There is yet another door to open at the top that costs 1250. Open it, and run up the next two staircases. The final door costs 1000 points.

This path is good because its quick, but if you open the doors at the bottom, you will not be able to camp on the other side of the door. If you were to go the whole way around, you can actually camp at the bottom of the stairs, and there is only one window to defend. However, you CAN NOT open the bottom doors if you wish to defend there. On the other hand, this way allows you to access jugger-nog quickly.

The long way (outside route)

Black Ops Ascension Turning on power (Outside Route)

PATH 2: Opening top doors-  The other way to turn on the power, is by opening the doors at the top of the spawn room.(use the white arrows on walls as a guide) Once you open these doors, make an immediate right. Keep moving until you arrive at a gate. Open this gate, and take a right into the building. Run up the next couple of staircases until you get to a door that costs 1000 points. You have now arrived at the power and mystery box.

Both ways require you to open 3 doors, however, the first way allows you to have access to jugger-nog faster. The only problem with opening the bottom doors is that you will not be able to defend on the other side. Going the whole way around allows you to get to the power without ever opening the bottom doors. If these doors are not open, you can camp down at the bottom stairs. (Only one window near the MPL, and stairs to defend)


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      QsCinema 6 years ago

      Thanks for putting my video up here I just noticed.

    • profile image

      wat the 6 years ago

      is the name of the song on the 2nd video tutorial? awesome.