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Black Ops Call of the Dead - Ensemble Cast Achievement Guide

Updated on May 28, 2011

Black Ops Ensemble Cast Achievement

Ensemble cast is an achievement/trophy for the Call of Duty Black Ops zombie map Call of the Dead. This is the cooperative version of the "stand in achievement." It is basically an optional Easter egg mission for Call of the Dead. This little Easter egg mission is quite lengthy and difficult. This article will explain the steps involved to get this achievement.

There are multiple steps that must be completed in order to get the ensemble cast achievement/trophy for Call of the Dead.

(1) You will need to turn on the power located on the top of the wrecked ship. It will cost about 3000 points to do this ( A few barriers will need to be removed).

(2) Next, go to the lighthouse. Find the room that is underneath the PHD flopper perk. You will see a closed door and will hear the four zombie survivors. After their dialogue, you will need to go upstairs and find a fuse near PHD flooper. It will either be on one of the two tables or inside a filing cabinet.

(3) Go back to the door where the zombie survivors are and input the fuse into the holder. Their dialogue will start again.

(4) After they are done conversing, you will need to destroy 4 generators with a red light. You can use grenades or semtex (scavenger also works). The first is beside the door where the survivors are. The second is behind the abandoned building where the stamin-up perk is located (abandoned building is behind lighthouse). The third generator is near the pathway located in between the wrecked ship. Look for a red light. The final generator is in the ocean at the end of the wrecked ship where double tap is. This one is pretty hard to destroy because it is far.

(5). After you destroy all the generators, return to the door where the survivors are located. Knife the door and they will begin their dialogue again. At this point, you will need to find a bottle of vodka that is located in 1 of 4 places. It will be random, but the vodka will be encased in ice on a balcony rail either on a balcony(s) on the wrecked ship or on the balcony(s) at the lighthouse. One player will need to knife the vodka while the other player catches it below. Don't worry if it drops without a player catching it, as it will spawn at another location.

Call of the Dead Esemble Cast achievement

(6) Return to the door where the survivors are held and input the vodka bottle into the pipe. You will need to turn 4 colored locker dial combinations to the proper numbers. The locker dials are on each floor in the lighthouse. This is a difficult and annoying part of this mission where you will need a player on each floor because the dials on one floor will change the other dials. This may take a while to figure out, but these are the proper numbers.

Yellow Dial 4th floor - Needs to be set to 2
Orange Dial 3rd floor - Needs to be set to 7
Blue Dial 2nd floor - Needs to be set to 4
Purple Dial 1st floor - Needs to be set to 6


(7) Now you will need to activate 4 radios. The first is underneath the power room on wrecked ship. The second is inside the abandoned boathouse near the stamin-up perk. The third is inside a cargo container on the wrecked ship near a barricaded window. The final radio is back in the room where the survivors are being held. It is on top of a storage cabinet.

(8) Now, go inside the power room. Turn the lever on the left 1 time & turn the lever on the right 3 times. Afterward, go to the steering wheel & turn the dark colored handle to the 5:00 position.

(9) This part requires all players. You need to activate the fog horns in order (they look like mushrooms). 2 players need to be at the bottom of the lighthouse. The other 2 players need to be at the bottom of the icy slide (on other side)

Player 1 press fog horn beside water in front of Lighthouse
Player 2 press fog horn at the end of the icy slide
Player 3 press fog horn beside the lighthouse, which is close to first fog horn.
Player 4 press fog horn beside the rock which is at the bottom of icy slide.


(10) The final part requires you to have a V-R11 and shoot a zombie into a human. The human will run to the lighthouse. The human will get sucked up into the green light, KILL him before he reaches the top.

The golden rod will drop from above in the lighthouse. Grab it, and return to the survivors. Insert the golden rod into the pipe (same place where you insert the vodka bottle). The fuse will malfunction, simply knife it to fix it.

Congrats! You have completed the very difficult and lengthy Ensemble cast mission for Call of Duty Black Ops Call of the Dead.


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    • profile image

      poofyswine 5 years ago

      maby because u did the 4 diles the wrong way and if it does work you need the vr11 first befor the fog horns will activate the green light i had troubbles even with the right code but when i hot the vr11 we tyred again and it worked

    • profile image

      Icy yeti 9000 6 years ago

      I did the dials a diffrent way and this is how i did it.Orange 8 blue 3 purple 6 yellow 2 and it worked but it won't shine at the bottom of the lighthouse i don't know why Fuckkkkkkkkkk