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Black Ops Call of the Dead Pack-a-Punch - How to Upgrade Weapons

Updated on May 28, 2011

Call of the Dead Upgrading Weapons

In the new map, Call of the Dead, for Call of Duty Black Ops, upgrading weapons is slightly different this time around. Upgrading weapons was first introduced on the Nazi Zombie map called Der Riese for World at War & Black Ops. There is a machine known as the pack-a-punch where you put your weapon into to be upgraded. Upgrading weapons has been featured in later maps as well.

On Call of the Dead, you can actually upgrade your weapons quite early. Well, at least, there is a possibly. First, you will need to turn on the power. You will be unable to upgrade your weapons until you turn on the power. The power switch is located at the top of the wrecked ship. You will need to remove a boat blocking the path to the wrecked ship.

Once your on the ship, make enough points by shooting zombies to open the remaining barricades to reach the top of the ship. There is a barricade blocking the stairs that costs 1,250 points to open. Shoot zombies with the m1911 a couple times, then knife them for maximum points. Once you open that barricade, go up a couple stairs until you reach the captain's quarters at the top of the ship. There is a door on each side that costs 750 (Note that opening either one automatically opens both). Turn the power on in this room.

The power switch turns on the lighthouse on Call of the Dead and allows you buy perks like Juggernog.

Lighthouse pointing to where the Pack-a-Punch is located

Call of the Dead Pack-a-Punch Machine

A short period of time after the power is turned on, the screen will flash orange and the lighthouse light will start spinning rapidly. It will eventually slow down and point to the location of the pack-a-punch machine for upgrading weapons. Eventually, the pack-a-punch will move to a different location after a period of time.

There are three locations on Call of the Dead where the pack-a-punch will spawn. Note that the lighthouse randomly points to one of these spots that are in bodies of water.

(1). In the body of water in the middle of the map beside quick revive (near spawn point).This is the best place to upgrade weapons because it does not require you to open any doors.

(2). Behind the lighthouse in the body of water beside the abandoned house that has the stamin-up perk. You need to go to the bottom of the lighthouse to get here.

(3). At the bottom of the wrecked ship in the body of water (near juggernog perk).

Upgrading your weapons is absolutely essential because the zombies become very powerful in the higher rounds. Zombies are weak in the beginning, but gradually become stronger. To use a pack-a-punch machine, it costs 5000 points.

Also, George A. Romero is easier to kill when you have an upgraded weapon. The ray gun and scavenger sniper rifle are a great chose!

Good luck!


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