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Black Ops "Call of the Dead" Zombie Map - New Weapons!

Updated on May 10, 2011

Black Ops Escalation Map pack - Call of the Dead zombie map

Call of the Dead is a new zombies map for Call of Duty Black Ops. It is in the Escalation map pack released on May 3rd, 2011 for Xbox 360. Call of the Dead is the largest zombie map level yet -- even larger than the previous map Ascension. Call of the Dead is the first zombie map to feature celebrities as playable characters. It also features George A. Romero, writer and horror director, as an enemy zombie who will follow you around the map trying to kill you.

Several new weapons have been added to this new map along with all previous Black Ops weapons. However, the thundergun will not be making a return on this level. This is probably because the developers do not want to overpower the players. Also, the wunderwaffer will only be available as a power up by completing the "original characters Easter egg story."

There are two new weapons on call of the dead. The first is the V-R11 which can turn a zombie back into a human. This makes other zombies attack the human creating a distraction for you. This is the new wonder weapon which basically takes the place of the thundergun. The second new weapon is a sniper called the scavenger. Generally speaking, most snipers on zombie levels are quite useless because they are weaker, need to be reloaded often, and most zombies will be attacking you at close range. However, the scavenger is very useful because it shoots a projectile that explodes within a few seconds, killing all zombies nearby. The projectile has the ability to stick to zombies as well. And since call of the dead is such a large map, sniping is useful for eliminating zombies.

Call of the Dead New Weapons Cont.

Semtex grenades can now be purchased on Call of the Dead. They take the place of frag grenades and have the ability to stick to zombies then explode. Semtex grenades are located near the bow of the ship and are purchased off the cargo container.

The V-R11 is the first wonder weapon that does not actually kill zombies, however, when upgraded, it can make another player invincible when they are shot by it. Technically speaking, you can kill a zombie by shooting it three times when the V-R11 is upgraded, but this would waste a lot of ammo. The V-R11 basically serves as a distraction by creating a human that will be attacked by other zombies. The human will then scream and run to the nearest water on the map and die. It's probably best to shoot a zombie when you are at the top of the lighthouse so the human is being used as a distraction for the longest time. The V-R11 can also turn George A. Romero back into his calm state or into his berserk mode.

Additional Weapon Info./Stats

V-R11 (V-R11 Lazarus Upgraded)
Magazine Capacity: 3 (6 upgraded)
Total Ammo: 9 (18 upgraded)
Damage: No


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