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Black Ops FIVE Pentagon Zombies Elevator Moving Strategy

Updated on December 6, 2010

There are two different elevators in the Call Of Duty zombie map called five. (also called pentagon) The only way to get around this map is by utilizing these elevators to move across the floors. However, later on, once the power is turned on, the teleporters can be used. The teleporters are random though, and you do not know where you will end up. The first elevator is small. This takes you from the office level to the computer level. The second elevator is a large elevator. A freight elevator I believe. The freight elevator has a window where zombies come in though. This elevator will transport you from the computer room to the labs. The labs are the lowest floor on the map. These elevators can be used to fend off the zombies. You can keep going up and down floors if the zombies are about to overtake you.

When you first start the game, you will want to remain in the office for about 5 or so rounds. This is pretty much obvious for any strategy. You always need money first and etc. Defend the office from zombies, then move to the elevator on that floor. Proceed down to the next level using the elevator, and defend the barricades on the balconies in the computer room. Do not open the barricade on the stairs until your team is ready. Once your on rounds 7-10(recommended time to open barricade), remove the barricades from the stairs, and go to the large elevator on the left. There is a shotgun on the wall before you enter. Pick this up if you wish, otherwise save your money for the magic box and doors for the labs.

It should be noted that you may want to create a crawler before heading down to the labs using the large freight elevator. In the labs, you can turn on the power in room 3. This activates the teleporters, perk machines, and defcon switches. If possible, find the magic box in the labs. The magic box is located in one of the rooms in the labs. This should only be done if you have a crawler. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move around without getting surrounding by zombies. Once your ready, have your team remain in the freight elevator.

JFK Character
JFK Character | Source

Call Of Duty Black Ops Five Elevator Strategy


This elevator costs 250 points to transport everyone up and down. This is not that much. You can easily press the button if your team is in trouble. There is one window in the elevator on each level. Its always in the back. Zombies will try to come through the barricade Other than that, you have a clear shot at zombies in front of you. Whether your on the labs level, or computer level, zombies will be right in front of you giving you a clear shot. It can get pretty hectic though, and when it does, press the button to close the elevator. This will give you some time until the elevator moves either up or down.

One person needs to defend the barricade inside the elevator.The remaining players need to focus fire in the front. Zombies will continue to rush in. This strategy works best when you have good guns. During rounds, throw grenades to make crawlers. This will allow you to go get perks, upgrade weapons, and other stuff in between rounds. The ray gun, and some machine guns can defend the elevators quite well. The shotgun is decent for a while, however, once you get in the teen rounds 13+, the game gets significantly more difficult.


The small elevator can also be defended, however, there is not a very clear shot on the computer level. Zombies can come in much faster since there's no good line of fire. When the elevator is on the office level, its pretty decent. The main upside to using this elevator is that there's no window to defend from zombies breaking in.This elevator is really only good to defend on the top level. The middle level has zombies coming in from both right to left. You also do not have much room to run around in this elevator.

If you wish to use the smaller elevator for defending, do not stay on the middle floor very long. Your primary focus should be defending the elevator when its in the office. Players also will have virtually no room to move on this elevator. Only press the button on the office level if the zombies are about to overtake the team. Both elevators only cost 250 points so its not to bad to use often.


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