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Black Ops Moon Zombies - Wonder Weapon: Quantum Entanglement Device (QED)

Updated on September 2, 2011

The Quantum Entanglement Device is a new "wonder weapon" for the Call of Duty Black Ops zombie map Moon. This is a secondary thrown weapon. You can find it in the mystery box, but it is rare to get. Note that you can not have the gersch device black hole and the QED at the same time because they are both thrown weapons. The QED has 17 effects (possibly more, not confirmed). Some of the effects will help you, hurt you, or do neither. Treyarch has really outdone it this time because this makes the zombies game mode an even more unpredictable game.

Call of Duty Black Ops (Quantum Entanglement Device ) Random Effects

Positive Effects:

  • Will make the Astronaut zombie attack other zombies.
  • May revive a teammate
  • Either a China Lake, M72 LAW, Python, SPAS-12, or a Ray gun weapon spawns and shoots in circles.
  • Explodes like the Scavenger weapon from call of the dead
  • Explodes multiple times like the matryoska dolls that were in other zombie maps
  • An explosion that mirrors that of the Astronaut Zombie.
  • Acts like the Gersch Device
  • Blows up like a frag grenade would
  • All players receive an upgraded pack-a-punched version of the gun they currently hold!!!!!!!


Did the Quantum Device ever give you and your team mates an upgraded version of your weapon?

See results

Call of Duty Black Ops Moon QED Device

Negative Effects:

  • A red perk power up spawns. When this is picked up by a player or a zombie, everyone will lose a random perk
  • A max ammo spawns that is red, if picked up by a player or zombie, everyone loses all their current ammo.
  • Can possibly make other players go down in a certain radius. (Not known if it can down yourself too, if you think you know, leave a comment below).

Other Effects:

  • Has the possibility to teleport the thrown user and other players to another area of the map
  • Will swap out current weapon with another random weapon that could be upgraded.
  • When thrown at the last zombie, more zombies will spawn.
  • When thrown, nothing happens

Black Ops QED Wonder Weapon

This in my opinion, is the best weapon Treyarch ever created! There are so many different outcomes that can occur when using it. Some could either help you fight the zombies on the moon, or could possibly hurt you. Most of the effects are good such as it exploding in different ways, or having a weapon turret spawn and shoot the zombies for you.

It seems as though there is no possible way to influence the type of effect that the QED will produce, but I have not confirmed this. If anyone has heard anything, please leave a comment below.

Moon is said to be the final zombie map for Call of Duty Black ops zombies, however, moon seems to have a lot of replay value because of the unpredictable outcomes, so it should hold players over till the next Treyarch game!!

What effects happened when you used the QED, any not listed?

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    • profile image

      G-Fox 4 years ago

      My friend threw a QED and it transported him and me to a different area and were both downed instantly.

    • profile image

      asdcf 5 years ago

      crriej hope u r right

    • profile image

      taylorwafford7 6 years ago

      i have never goten the qed that sucksssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    • profile image

      corriej3 6 years ago

      i threw it in the pack a punch at the same time my partner was upgrading and he said there was a gun with a big drum and flames flew out the pack a punch anyone know what it was i couldn't grab it and then died

    • profile image

      ELi 6 years ago

      the quantum device suckssssssssssss it dus nothing

    • profile image

      keiranMACVICAR PS3 6 years ago

      If u hav phd perk spinning explosive weapons don't down or damage u !!!! Hope this helps

    • profile image

      joeycrazekiller4 6 years ago

      once i throught it and it turned into a monkey bomb except it had a bigger explosion like it was huge has this happened to anyone else?

    • profile image

      AToMiic_REPLAYZ 6 years ago

      If you through it at a zombie train it will explode or use a turret most of the time. if you just throw it without any zombies it will usually give points, a gun, explode, spawns more zombies, or teleports you. Hope this helped.

    • profile image

      ayers67 6 years ago

      i therw a qed and it gave bonus points upgraded fn fal ray gun then we went back to earth tried to upgrade ray gun the host went down there and ended the game how gay right

    • profile image

      Voted 6 years ago

      It took me in to allot of zombies and down me then me and my friend did it again it downs us all game over round 18 R.I.P

    • profile image

      Adam 6 years ago

      Space man does that dancing glitch when you are in the air from a lander pad and he spawns up

    • profile image

      BriCKs8 6 years ago

      One time me and my friend were on the astrodome and the escavator broke in and the space guy started danccing . he was like in rapping position but staying still

    • profile image

      mister johny boy 6 years ago

      It gave me once 4 power-ups two max ammo a double points and a death machine

    • profile image

      Jacky 6 years ago

      I got to round 30 all pack-a-punched guns, we did the easter egg, nobody had downed yet, it was end of round and we had Max ammo so I threw all my QED' thing I know...were both dead and the game ended... FML!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      actually yeah its hes dancing near the flopper machine near me right now. its funny

    • profile image

      Laazzy_Eyes 6 years ago

      I threw a qed once at astro zombie and he blew up and later was stuck dancing at the flopper vending machine anyone else have this happen???

    • profile image

      Jargantic11 6 years ago

      When you see a LAW or China Lake come up us a turret, go prone and it will miss you. (PS. When i used it, i got zap guns, then hacked it and every player got the zap guns, very useful... TRY IT!!! PSS. If you hack a place where the box can be, it will spawn a box once for use for 1600.)

    • profile image

      taylor 6 years ago

      the crank is for the easter egg

    • profile image

      Phil 6 years ago

      Ok this is weird, i threw it and my character said:something weird just happened. Then i noticed a weird item on the botom left of my screen, it looked like a crank or a tire iron, it wasent the item for the easter egg either, i know what those look like. Anyway i died not long after and i never saw it again. Wtf?

    • profile image

      EYEONIC 6 years ago

      QED's are really unpredictable--I got teleported from the Flopper machine to the spawn too! Use with caution!

    • profile image

      blackopsnoob 6 years ago

      when i got the Q.E.D device (1.nothing happen.)( an upgraded aug gun)(3.nothing happened) lol

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      I got upgraded raygun but my friend took it so when he died i didn't revive him and he lost it :)

    • profile image

      datboii2fresh 6 years ago

      I got a upgraded dragonov.......smh......fml p.s. i doesn't give you an upgraded version of the gun you currently have just a random upgraded weapon.....rarely.

    • profile image

      Hlllll 6 years ago

      It gave everyone in my game a pack a puncked ballistic knife we lived so long

    • profile image

      Joey 6 years ago

      It teleported me into the space guy and he took my juggernog. :(

    • profile image

      Bhix 6 years ago

      It gave me the un-upgraded ray gun, even though I already had the pack-a-punched raygun. So I had 2 rayguns at the same time.

    • profile image

      Oz 6 years ago

      It also gives you 50000 thousand points !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      i was round 40 and i chucked 1 and an anarchy came up and destroyed me

    • profile image

      Head-man 6 years ago

      NOTE: I once threw a we'd near an astronaut zombie and it was a red bonus point sign. The astronaut ignored us and desperately walked to it. But we only lost like 500 points. Be careful!

    • profile image

      marvin 6 years ago

      it gave me upgraded zap guns and ray gun on both tries

    • profile image

      jims 6 years ago

      i got an upgraded HK

    • profile image

      Koopa 6 years ago

      I threw it and me and my friend were standing close, It teleported and downed us...Game over! Very pissed off :P

    • profile image

      im not telling you 6 years ago

      when i threw mine i got a sniper rifle.then i got nothing. then i got zap guns. then i got down. then i died. then the game ended.

      p.s. there can be two players or three or four with the zap guns if you all get it on a fire sale on the same try

      . works with other special guns to

    • profile image

      Blake 6 years ago

      Tyler no he means it teleported him to the spawn room and not area 51 not that he was on a different map

    • profile image

      tyler 6 years ago

      Target that is impossible because the only map you get the QED on is moon therefore you are already on the moon

    • profile image

      Target 6 years ago

      I got the Q.E.D device and when i threw it it teleported me and my friend to the spawn on the moon

    • profile image

      alex 6 years ago

      the box has never disappeared on me but it has appeared in every spot on the map and none of them would give a bear. Like a fire sale but you had to pay full price everywhere.

    • profile image

      Brad 6 years ago

      steph; this is a glitch that occurs when a firesale is gotten at the same time as a teddybear. The box respawns during the firesale so at the end of the fire sale, the actual box will disapear as well as the firesale boxes.

    • profile image

      steph 6 years ago

      our mystery box has totally disappeared out of the map not at any of the box spots ..... has this happened to anyone?????

    • profile image

      Dumbdave7 6 years ago

      These devices do have a multitude of effects although for best effect throw near a zombie if you want an attack power from it (like weapon sentries etc.) or to throw in pressurised areas for the other effects.

      The "Bonus Points" powerup gives you +300 points per round (300 round 1, 600 round 2, 900 round 3 etc.). this means one collected on a later wave has more value. (unconfirmed)

      The grenade has a chance to give you a weapon that will replace the one you were holding. This weapon is usually upgraded but if you don't recognise it be wary. (when i got this i got the "Typhoid & Mary" upgraded HS10 shotguns)

    • profile image

      Impossiblebullet 6 years ago

      also, sometimes it makes you pause your game

    • profile image

      DD DA MAN 90 6 years ago

      it can replace the curent gun you are holding with the porters X2 zap gun dule whiled

    • profile image

      Sejanus 6 years ago

      I've used this extensively, and I can say you're missing a few effects...

      1. Will also spawn spinning a M72 Anarchy

      2. Kills astronaut zombies instantly.

      3. Can drop "zombie drops", i.e, a "zombie ammo" drop, and a "zombie points drop", zombies will go for these drops, and they will cause you to lose a mag of the gun you're using, and some points, respectively. I'm not sure if zombies will go out of their way to get these, or if they just collect them while pursuing the player.

      4.Can and will spawn gersch devices, and even QED's as a drop, so they can effectively spread through the team, so to speak.

      5.Will randomly spawn drops such as a Carpenter or a Fire Sale.

      6. Can also spawn "bonus points", which has given me 1600 points in some games.

      However, by far, the most common effect appears to be similar to the explosion when you kill an astronaut zombie.

    • profile image

      blitzw0w 6 years ago

      its different where u use it,u use it where air is there and on moon it will blow em away

    • profile image

      Hi 6 years ago

      also the QED may spawn a power-up that looks like a money sign which gives you points!