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Black Ops Shangri La Zombies -How to upgrade weapons - Annihilation Map Pack

Updated on August 15, 2011

Black Ops Shangri La - How to Pack-A-Punch

Upgrading weapons in the the new zombie map Shangri La, for Call of Duty Black Ops, is a bit different than in previous zombie maps. Shangri La takes place outside in a jungle environment where you will fight the hordes of the undead zombies once again. This time, however, it appears to be in the daytime (possibly late afternoon). Players can also explore an underground portion of the map as well. Shangri La holds many secrets just waiting to be discovered.

In order to upgrade your weapons in Shangri La, you need to open the various doors & barriers around the map first. The pack-a-punch is located where you spawn up the flight of stairs. It is however, inaccessible, because the stairs are raised off the ground.

Black Ops Shangri La Zombies -How to Pack A Punch - Annihilation Map Pack

There are four floor switches beside statues in Shangri La that all need to be stepped on at the same time in order to open the pack-a-punch upgrade machine. The number of players will dictate how many floor switches need to be active at once. For example, if there are only two players in the game, only two floor switches need to be activated.

Floor Pad Locations

Note: Power must be turned on first in the underground portion of the map by turning on two switches.

1) At the spawn point, next to the quick revive perk.

2) Across the bridge -- opposite side of speed cola (or juggernog depending on what perk machine spawned)

3) Underground in the power room between two switches.

4) Inside the cave past the mine cart outside area --past the perk machine.

All players in the game need to stand on these pads and the statue in front of each player will stop spinning. The stairs are now lowered at the spawn point so you can use the pack-a-punch machine. Be quick though, because the stairs will eventually knock you off, and this process will have to be repeated. Once the two wheel switches reach the top of the stairs, you will be knocked off.

It may be a good idea to turn a zombie into a crawler so the players are safe (especially on rounds past 15).

What are your thoughts on Shangri La?

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