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Black Ops Shangri La Zombies: Mine Cart Strategy

Updated on August 21, 2011

Shangri La is the 3rd zombie map released with the Call of Duty Black Ops Annihilation map pack. Shangri La features new weapons, a new easter egg mission, traps, and other various map features. One of these is the ability to ride a mine car, which can be used to escape from the zombies. In this hub, I will explain how to use the mine cart to make it pretty far in zombies.

The mine cart allows you to escape from the zombies temporarily. Any zombies that get inside the mine cart will not be able to hurt you. The mine cart goes through the underground portion of the level and pops out at the waterfall area (not the waterslide one). This is great because it allows you to distance yourself from the zombies.

You will need 3-4 players for this strategy. Any less will make it too difficult to defend the mine cart area in the higher rounds. There will simply be too many zombies.

The first thing you'll want to focus on is acquiring either a ray gun or another powerful weapon by using the mystery box. If you do get a ray gun, make sure to buy the PHD Flopper perk so the ray gun will not damage you. It is very easy for the ray gun to down you, especially considering how close quarters Shangri La is. And of course, make sure everyone gets juggernog & quick revive for this strategy.

Mine Cart in action

Mine Cart Strategy

Shangri La Mine Cart

The mine cart strategy basically involves camping beside the mine cart and using it when the zombies are about to over run you, or when players start running out of ammo. In the earlier rounds (6-12) it will be easy to survive. In fact, one player can run around near the bottom and shoot some of the zombies. After a while, however, everyone should stand next to the mine cart. 2-3 players need to defend the front, while one player defends the barrier right beside the mine cart.

The strongest players who have the best weapons should guard the front. The player who defends the window does not need that great of a weapon to guard the barrier (a shotgun will work).

Once it looks like too many zombies are coming, hit the button to activate the mine cart ride, BUT MAKE SURE EVERYONE IS ON IT! If one person gets left behind, they will be dead more than likely. Return to the mine cart by going through the water fall, through the cave, across the bridge, through the quick sand, and then finally the spawn area. Do not linger in any of these areas after the mine cart ride! You'll want to get through the quick sand area as quickly as possible. If zombies are too close, someone might get trapped and go down!

Ray guns and machine guns seem to work very well for keeping the zombies at bay. Be sure to plant spikemores near the mine cart so zombies explode when they get close. If anyone has monkey bombs, be sure to have them throw them out once in a while. Monkey bombs will give you time to revive someone or use the mine cart.

This strategy will not get you extremely far (like round 35+), but it can be good to use for quite a while. Every player needs to have a lot of perks & good weapons, in order for this strategy to work properly. If everyone has weak weapons, it will be too difficult to keep the zombies away from the mine cart.

Shangri La zombies Discussion - Have you tried using the mine cart strategy?

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      J0SH_IS_4_G4M3R 6 years ago

      cheers david, seen alot of your zombies hubs - very useful, I will have try this out sometime, I'm terrible at this map XD. Thanks again =D