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Black Ops Shangri La Zombies: WaterSlide Strategy

Updated on August 21, 2011

The Call of Duty Black Ops Shangri La zombie map can be very challenging. This map is quite large, however, most of the area is close quarters. It is very easy for zombies to get you trapped in one of the caves or other small areas of the map. To make things even more difficult, Shangri La has multiple traps on the map. There is a quick sand pitt that will slow you down and spikes that will come out of the ground. While the spikes are not very strong, they can get you stuck, which means zombies could close in on you and kill you.

In this hub, I am going to discuss a strategy that will work well with 3-4 players. It is called the waterslide strategy. Throughout the map, there are various escape mechanisms, the water slide is one of them. You can also use the mine cart on the map to escape from the zombies or use the geysers located underground. The mine cart, however, can not be used right away after it is used. The water slide on the other hand, can be used all the time.


There are no hellhound rounds on shangri la, but there are two special zombies called the shrieker and napalm zombie. These zombies may appear in the first few rounds. If they do, make sure to kill them as quickly as possible. Buy the Olympia or m14 off the wall if they do spawn. The pistol will not be a good weapon to use against them. You should not stay in the first area past round 5.

If possible, make a crawler at some point, and use the mystery box to attempt to acquire a better weapon. The ray gun, Rpk, hk21, commando, AUG, galil, and shrink ray are great weapons to use. The shrink ray (31-79 JGb215) is a wonder weapon that can turn zombies into baby's & you can stomp on them. Claymores will also prove useful. They can be planted near the waterslide just in case zombies get too close.

Once everyone has good weapons, go to the water slide area.

Shangri La Water Slide Strategy

The water slide strategy is great because it allows you to defend beside the water fall and go down the water slide if you are over run by zombies. This strategy requires 3-4 players. It is possible for 2 players to defend against the zombies, but it will become nearly impossible in the higher rounds.

Basically, you need one player to guard the window next to the waterfall. One player needs to guard the side of the waterfall, where the zombies jump up to the ledge occasionally. And finally, two players need to guard the front where the quick sand is. Most of the zombies will likely come from the front where the quick sand area is. This is why two players with ray guns (preferably) need to defend the front.

Players can literally camp at the water fall and take the water slide if the zombies are over running the area. If players start to run out of ammo, everyone can buy the ak-74, which is at the bottom of the water slide. They can also purchase the m16 in the underground area, as you will pass by it when making the trip back up to the water slide area.

The water slide area is a great place to defend as long as you have powerful weapons with a lot of ammo. Also make sure that everyone has perks like juggernog etc..

IMPORTANT NOTE: When returning to the Shangri La water fall, make sure you go through the whole underground area and go through the cave back to the bridge. Going the opposite way will likely get you killed by the zombies. It is also difficult to get through the spiked traps without someone getting trapped.

Shangri La Zombie Map Discussion

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