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Black Ops Zombies Moon: How To Turn On The Power: Tips & Tricks

Updated on August 24, 2011

Black Ops Zombies Moon: Turning On Power

Call of Duty Black Ops has a new zombie map called "Moon." Moon was released with the rezurrection map pack on August 23rd, 2011. Moon is quite a large zombie map and turning on the power can be difficult, however, it can be done rather quickly on this level if you get a lot of points early on.

Turning on the power will activate gravity lifts, perks, and other things that require power on moon. First thing you'll want to do is get as many kills on Earth's Area 51 before the zombies start running. Once this happens, you must run to the teleporter to escape to the moon! Every player needs to be on the teleporter for it to work, otherwise, you will die from the zombie invasion! Hellhounds will also accompany the zombies so be careful! TIP: Knife the zombies coming out of the ground, and shoot the zombies running at you when standing on the teleporter to get maximum points.

First way to turn on power (video)

How To Turn On Power in Zombies Moon Map

Once you teleport, you will be in a room on the Moon. There are two windows in the room where zombies will come through. There will also be an astronaut zombie in a space suit that will serve as a mini boss. Do not let him touch you because he will grab you and damage you. There are two doors in this room. It does not matter which one you open because you can get to the power in two ways:

1) The first way to get the power on is by going on the side that has the m14 weapon on the wall. This side requires you to open a total of 4 doors. Open the door by the m14 and the next door around the corner. There will be another door by the semtex grenades. After you open it, open the final door ahead that takes you down a flight of stairs.

You are now in the power room. The switch is located in front of the large pyramid in the room.

Black Ops Zombies Moon

The second way to turn on power switch on zombies moon:

This way is probably a bit faster to turn on the power because you only need to open a total of 3 doors on one side, plus the initial spawn room door. Open the door beside the Olympia Shotgun, which is on the opposite side of the m14 outside. You will be in a small room that has the MPL weapon. Buy it if you think you need it to help you fight the zombies. Once you have enough points, open the door in this room, which will lead you into a series of tunnels. Go through the tunnel until you find another door. Once you open this door, you will arrive in the power room. Turn on the switch in front of the pyramid.

Deciding which way to turn on the power is a matter of preference. Each has different types of weapons on each side, for example, the m14 side has semtex grenades in one of the rooms. Even if you do not use one of the paths to get to the power room, you can still open the doors in those areas later.


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    • profile image

      Raphael 6 years ago

      You are awsome thanks

    • profile image

      PJ 6 years ago

      Awesome!! Thank you. Spot on.

    • profile image

      Emma 6 years ago

      Thanks! this was super helpful:P my bf and his best friend just downloaded the game and couldn't figure it out for hours!