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Black Ops Zombies Shangri La - Bridge Camping Strategy

Updated on August 18, 2011

Black Ops Zombies Shangri La

Shangri La is a zombie map for Call of Duty Black Ops. This map is very close quarters, which means that it is very easy to get trapped by zombies. Shangri La does not have many locations where you can camp and defend like older zombie maps, but the rope bridge can be an effective location to defend. This strategy will require 4 players (highly recommended). Also, this strategy will only work so long. Eventually, the zombies will be able to absorb a lot of damage, and staying in one area will not suffice -- you will need to run and shoot.


Just like any other zombie level, make more points by shooting a few pistol bullets, then knifing the zombies through the barricades. The main difference on Shangri La is that special zombies may attack you during these rounds. The special zombies are Napalm and Shrieker zombies. They are stronger zombies that can absorb more damage. If these zombies appear in the area, immediately grab the m14 or the shotgun off the wall to take them out.


During this time, you should be trying to open all the barricades on the map, buy perks, and be using the mystery box. A great way to make points during these rounds is by using the Bowie knife, located in the power room underground. The bowie knife can kill zombies in one hit until round 10! This will save you ammo and gain you more points.

Once every player is prepared, go to the rope bridge, which is near the water fall.

Shangri La Rope Bridge

Shangri La Rope Bridge Strategy

ROUNDS 10-20 (estimated, will vary depending on your game)

In order for this strategy to work properly, players will need to have good weapons. This includes weapons like the ray gun, HK21, and RPK. Assault rifles are good, but at least 2 players should have a ray gun or machine gun. Monkey bombs will also prove useful.

Basically, two players need to stand on each side of the Shangri La rope bridge. In this fashion, you will have a cover system from both sides. Zombies will converge on both sides of the bridge.

This strategy will require you to constantly shoot non stop, because if you don't, you will be trapped on the bridge. If zombies start getting to close, have a player throw a monkey bomb.

Main key-points for surviving on the rope bridge:


- 4 players are needed (it is possible with less though).

- At least two players need to have a ray gun or machine gun.

- All players need quick revive because there will not be much time to revive someone if a player goes down.

- Plant spikemores in the middle of the bridge just in case zombies get too close.

- Throw monkey bombs when needed.


Staying at the rope bridge will not last forever, but it can get you to round 20 at least, if done properly. Once things get difficult, you will need to run away and use the minecart, water slide, and geysers etc..


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    • profile image

      aalva1 6 years ago

      i never really played on that map but sometimes i would normally play it once in awhile. my farthes on it on solo was probably 21. i dont know if packer punch is hard to get but on derise u have to get grt like what...15 kills. pretty easy. lol;)