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Bomberman Land: Walkthrough, Cheats, & Review

Updated on February 12, 2008


Bomberman is a family- friendly video game. The hero of the game has been throwing bombs for years now, blowing up things for fun. Now, Bomberman has found his way to PSP, Wii, and DS.

Bomberman Land is a compilation of mini- games. Each mini- game is a new activity. Each new activity will remind you of the classic Bomberman you once new.

When playing Bomberman Land, you are in control of White (Bomberman)- you can rename him. White and several of his friends find out that Bomberman Lane is in trouble, so together they travel to the amusement park in hopes to get to the bottom of things.

Their plane crashes into the island. But, that's not all. all of the residents of Bomberman Land have lost their memory. Plus, the entire amusement park has been broken into pieces and needs to be restored.

This may sound a little silly, but remember this is a family- fun game.

Bomberman Land Wii Gameplay Trailer

White and Mini Bomber- a smart-talking, self-proclaimed star- take you through each game, point- to- point on a board game style map.

Unfortunately, one of the main problems within the game comes up around this point. Where it may be clear "where to go" most of the time, there are points where nothing seems to lead to the next area. These moments result in mindlessly running from one place to another while looking for a random Zone Piece you might have missed, which can get rather aggravating.

And, although some of the dialogue scenes are funny, it may seems like you spend a lot of time not playing the mini- games. But, fortunately, Mini Bomber will often give genuinely funny lines.

Otherwise, most of the mini-games are fun and offer a wide variety of things to do. For example, one of your first tasks is to race a small remote- controlled car around a track. But, other activities include launching Bomberman off a cliff and flapping his arms to stay afloat.

Probably the best feature of the game is the Battle mode. There are over 40 levels to choose from, numerous skins, and customizable game details. The Battle mode is just like the Classic Bomberman game, except with added sprites.

Bomberman Land has a good number of multi- player options that you can enjoy. Multi- player allows you to play with up to three other people even if the other people don't have UMD. You can even send unlocked mini- games through game sharing, but when you share the unlocked games, they can only be used as single- player games.

Unfortunately, the game isn't as strong as its base components. The pacing of the game, as mentioned earlier, definitely slows the game. The music of Bomberman Land, isn't ideal, either; it is a nicely put together repetitive, loopy theme. The graphics are nothing new and out of the ordinary, either, but they are a tad above average in comparison for portable game consoles- but that's just for the PSP and DS versions.

So, if you're a fan of the traditional Bomberman and you're interested in a new version of the game, then Bomberman Land is definitely for you. But, if you're interested in a single- player collection of mini- games, be wary because the pacing and lack of new, innovative themes and graphics, keep the game from being awesome.

Bomberman Land - "Free Throw"

Bomberman Land Wii and PSP

Bomberman Land Ratings

According to IGN, Bombman Land rates an average of 6.9 out 10 points, which gives it a passible rating. Here you can see the breakdown of the rating.

Presentation: 7.0

Well structured package with a fair amount of features.

Graphics: 6.5

There have been worse graphics, but there have been better.

Sound: 5.0

The music is extremely repetitive and unoriginal.

Gameplay: 6.5

A nice mini- game collection that is complimented by many of the classic Bomberman gameplay.

Lasting Appeal: 7.0

Although there is a lot to do in Bomberman Land, it doesn't necessarily mean that a ton of content will keep you enthralled.

Bomberman Land Mini- Games

Bomberman Land Touch Cheats

Before I go into any cheats and hints for Bomberman Land Touch, I would like to mention that Bomberman Land and Bombermand Land Touch are two completely different games. Currently, there aren't any cheats and hints for Bomberman Land, but there are a for for Bomberman Land Touch. So, here they are.


Bomber House mini-game: Complete Land mode to unlock the Bomber House mini-game played during that mode at any time.

Hard Land difficulty: Complete the game with all of the 100 cards in Normal Land mode.

Alternate title and ending sequence: Purchase the token from the Info Booth in the Castle section with 50 coins while in Hard Land mode. Then complete the game.

Attraction mode characters: Complete each mini- game (except for the Bomber Houses) in each zone two times in order to get the card and medal. Then, after completing all the attractions for a zone, the "Special" option will be unlocked in the in the Info Centers, to which you can now purchase the characters for 10 medals each.

  • Ao-bon (Blue Bomber): Spade Zone
  • Gold Bomber: Diamond Zone
  • Kuro-bon (Black Bomber): Castle
  • Midori-bon (Green Bomber): Club Zone
  • Pretty Bomber: Heart Zone


Easier mini- games: After attempting to complete a mini- game in Story mode, making sure to choose "Yes" when asked if you will try again numerous times. Later, you will be asked if you want help for one token. Double tap the icon between the "Yes" and "No" options and the requirements for the game will then become easier.


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    • biancaalice profile image


      6 years ago from Southern California

      I love bomberman games... Great review!

      Voted up & useful!

    • compu-smart profile image

      Tony T 

      10 years ago from London UK

      This game looks like so much fun!! I just wish i had more time these days foto play more games:/


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