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Book of arkhan warhammer 8th edition vampire counts magic item

Updated on February 18, 2012

Book of arkhan

The book of arkhan is an item that returns in 8th edition warhammer fantasy battle and was present for vampire counts in 7th edition. It is cheaper points wise and still casts the same spell though vanhel's danse macabre itself has changed. It also no longer runs out and becomes exhausted so can be used throughout the battle.

The book of arkhan is an arcane item that contains the bound spell vanhel's danse macabrefrom the lore of the vampires. It is cast with a power level of 3 (making it cheaper then casting the actual spell without of course your wizard level of a bonus to casting) but cannot be cast in the higher casting level version that makes it an area effect. It also benefits from the lore of vampire lore attribute the curse of undeath.

Tactical uses

The book of arkhan can be chosen during army selection for a number of reasons, as a way to ensure you get the spell vanhel's danse macabre (or indeed get it more then once). It can also be taken by a vampire or necromancer who is going to take a different lore either the lore of death or shadows so ensuring that they have the spell and can also still benefit from the lore attribute to heal a wound to themselves or another nearby model.

It can also be kept "secret" from your opponent until it is time to use it allowing you to lure out his dispel dice and have a much better chance of getting the spell through onto your desired unit. it can be a great boon to a charging unit of blood knights or black knights.


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