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Borderlands 2 Game Review

Updated on April 27, 2013

Have you waited too long for a sequel of borderlands. Well, not this time because gearbox released its awesome RPG first person shooter for the second time. And you'll see some improvements over the first installment of this game.

The story of this one was almost tied up with the first game. You'll noticed them mixed with this game characters in the storyline. You play as a vault hunter, basically your'e just a badass treasure hunter whose in the world of pandora to look for vaults. Unfortunately, Handsome Jack, the games villain has other plans which will wrapped you into a quest saving the entire world from destruction. Borderlands 2 has excellent and creative writing that includes humor or funny scenes with unique and bizarre characters.

Enter to the world of Pandora
Enter to the world of Pandora

Developer of this game Gearbox really done a better job about about character customization like you will feel that your character is "Your character" , It'll give you the ability to change your skin from your head or your body. You will also see how the menu pull out while seeing your character and you will be able to sort and check your quest. They made some improvements like these on the interface to change the experience from borderlands 1. The world of pandora will establish a feeling that your in a different world. It has a lot of lands that you need to explore and monsters to fight. When selecting side missions or quests, you'll be back to the same area but different sections that needs to be explored. Sadly, if your'e in a quest or story missions you cant save the game each checkpoint.

I hope not everybody's reason to play this game is to finish and see what will happen with the ending. For many gamers, its the item, equipments and gameplay giving you the excitement to play this game over again. The game has 4 classes to choose from. You can play as Gunzerker which use dual guns, Commando that deploys turret, Siren which uses a magic like skills, a stealth ninja like Assassin or a machine freak Mechromancer. Then after you finished the campaign mode, play new game plus to select other character you haven't use.

Sample of Gaige Skill Tree
Sample of Gaige Skill Tree

Each class has its own unique skill tree to build. It is based on the your points and where can you accumulate that points in exchange for the skill. Choosing the necessary skill to give you an advantage to battle tough enemies are the key on this game. This skill tree will allow you to customize your own skill based on your playstyle. The skill tree system on Borderlands 2 will consume your time to complete and master all of these.

Loots are excellent. You feel very excited when you got a new weapon you'll compare its stat from the one that you have equipped. Its like getting a fresh weapon out of nowhere and you would like to see how this weapon destroys your enemy.

You can still use vehicles in borderlands 2 but the main purpose of it is by reaching a certain destination like a hard to reach area. Some missions required a vehicle to reach that location and finish the mission. You can also use this as faster transportation reaching specific area.

If you are bored playing campaign mode. You can call your friends and build a team to play Co-op mode. You can ask help from them to finish a quest that you didn't finished. There's also a catch playing Co-op mode, the loot is shared to all players so its really better to pick your partners wisely.

Overall this game made a great improvement from its predecessor including funny scenes that will have you laughing and you'll be addicted collecting loots and weapons. This excellent role playing genre shooting game should not be ignore. A highly recommended game.


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