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Borderlands Mission Guide - Missions 1 to 5 - Arid Badlands

Updated on January 10, 2010

The Arid Badlands

The Arid Badlands is the first map you encounter on your journey as soon as you get off the bus. The area is filled with many different types of enemies including Bandits, Skags and Rakk (there are also numerous Rakk Hives, however they are in hibernation so you cannot fight them in the game). The area is also home to a few friendly characters, most notably Dr. Zed and TK Baha, (who both fail to appear here later on in the game for very different reasons). Due to this being the first place you visit, you will be required to complete missions (in true RPG spirit) to progress further into the game. There are two types of missions in the game, compulsory and side quests. I will only be going over the compulsory missions in this hub, however I may explain side quests in later hubs.

Arid Badlands Map

Dr Zed

Now onto the missions...

1.Fresh Off The Bus

  • This mission is simple, just follow the ClapTrap and try not die.

2. The Doctor Is In

  • After you have completed the previous mission, the ClapTrap will announce that everything is safe and that there are no more bandits as you fought them off. A voice begins speaking over the intercom. This voice belongs to Dr Zed who asks you if you could open the door from the outside. Just wait until your new ECHO display thing has been set up and the switch to the left of the New-U station flashes green. Just activate the switch by pressing the on screen command. After the door opens and you see the Dr wielding a Buzz-Saw, talk to him and you will have completed the mission.

3. Skags At The Gate

  • After speaking with Dr Zed and accepting his mission, walk outside toward the ClapTrap. It will then steam off ahead of you towards the gate. It will then be shot down by Bandits who you have to kill to proceed. You will then get a message from the Guardian Angel asking you to help the ClapTrap (See 4. ClapTrap Rescue). After you have repaired the ClapTrap, it will open the gate. The Skags are right in front of you in the little ditch, they shouldn't be hard to miss. After you have killed 5 of them return to the Dr.

4. ClapTrap Rescue

  • Halfway through Skags At The Gate, you will be asked to repair the broken ClapTrap, this is compulsory as you cannot proceed without doing so. Just walk up to the ClapTrap, perform a diagnostic test by pressing the on-screen command, and then find the repair kit, which should be on a little shelf in front of a closed building. The building should be exactly in front of you when you run back from the ClapTrap. After finding the repair kit, return to the ClapTrap and he will be as good as new.

5. Fix'er Upper

  • After accepting the mission from Dr Zed head toward the gate from Skags At The Gate. Instead of going straight on, this time go left and follow that path down until you reach a little shack. You will have to fight off some Skags. After killing the Skags, find a broken Med Vendor outside of the shack and take the power coupling. Return to the Med Vendor in Dr Zed's house and place the power coupling their. Activate the Med Vendor and buy a shield.


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