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Borderlands Expansion Packs

Updated on January 28, 2011

Intro Video To Zombie Island

Zombie Island of Dr Ned

Zombie Island of Dr Ned

Currently, Borderlands has 2 expansion packs announced. At least one should be available for all formats. That one should hopefully be the Zombie Island of Dr Ned. Basically, the expansion pack gives you entirely new set of maps and new enemies to encounter. On top of this there is also a new set of missions which (again dependant on format) can reward you with certain trophies.

The new area is based around a location called Jakobs Cove. In the center of the map is a town which should be thriving with workmen ready to cut down the rare plant life found only on this map. However, once you get there you are informed that you will need to ward off zombies (however the biggest clue to there being zombies would be the fact that you had to take down about 50 to get into the place), until you can meet with Dr Ned, possibly the only living person left on Jakobs Cove. However after completing a couple of Dr Ned's errands you start to realise that this was not an accident and someone has purposely caused this. Surely its not good ol' Dr Ned (who by the way has know affiliation with Dr Zed even though a fake mustache can disguise a lot).

horde leveling guide

Wireless Setup

Cheap TomTom One

Intro Video To The Underdome Riot


ClapTrap in a suit... Nice!
ClapTrap in a suit... Nice!

Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

This is the second expansion pack for Borderlands. This pack differs from the first as there are very few (maybe none) brand new enemies. However that does NOT spoil the overall aim of this new pack. And anyway, blowing the brains out of an enemy isn't any less fun if it's an 'old' enemy, to be fair.This pack is set maps widely based around the underdome. The idea of the pack is simple; kill enemies that you have faced during the game, however in selected heats so that you will only face Badass and Badmutha enemies at one single time. Also, you will have to face a literally supercharged version of a previous boss and their minions (e.g. Nine-Toes and his Skags).

If the above hasn't changed your mind about the game then this probably will, there is a bank like system involved in the underdome so that you can store items such as weapons, and whats more is that there may be a ClapTrap in tuxedo introducing the new system to you. That can only be described in one word - Epic!!!

Expansion Packs

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Expansion Packs

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