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Boss Fight: MVC3 Galactus

Updated on March 8, 2011
When the Devourer of Worlds is at your planet's door, you must answer the call to save your world.
When the Devourer of Worlds is at your planet's door, you must answer the call to save your world.

The team over at Capcom has truly wowed us with the debut of Galactus into the Marvel vs Capcom Franchise. Now that the Devourer of Worlds comes to threaten both Earths, let's take him down.

Phase 1 - After the introductions have been made, Galactus decides you're not worthy of facing him directly and summons a herald to fight you. The Herald of Galactus takes the form of one of four villains shown in the game: Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Akuma, or Wesker. The life bar of the Herald is displayed on the right screen.

When the fight starts, pound the Herald with an attack and don't stop coming. If you can knock him into the air for a Team Aerial Combo, that's even better. At 90 Counts, A second Herald is summoned onto the field. However you will continue to face the first Herald, so if the second Herald is behind you, you may need to reposition to have both Heralds on the same side, makes blocking easier.

The Combinations of Heralds summoned is simple: One Melee, One Ranged. If Ranged is the first on the field, then the second Herald will be a Melee and vice versa. The most common combos I've gotten are: Doctor Doom and Wesker, Dormammu and Akuma. The good news on there being two Heralds is they share the same lifebar. Bad news is they have access to all the specials and hypers the character assigned to them has.

The quicker you down the Heralds, the easier Phase 2 is going to be. This phase in my opinion is the harder of the two and is designed to take down your health quickly.

Phase 2 - With his Heralds defeated, Galactus now intervenes personally. He takes up the right side of the stage, meaning you have a huge hit box to hit him with. He has a series of melee attacks designed for each section of the stage: Far, Middle, Close. Attacking with a few Light or Medium hits before down blocking is recommended. Remember it is more important to block than attack when he does these. When he flicks his finger, it is his Snap Back, just block it and you'll avoid it. If he swipes his arm across the floor of the field, block or high jump to avoid. If you high jump, do some aerial hits or an aerial hyper.

He has two laser moves. Galactus will lower his head and shoot beams from his eyes. Launching your character up and will wipe that character if you don't block. The best thing to do is get up real close and duck to avoid the attack all together unless you have larger characters like Sentinel, then block until the attack passes. Perform a Triple Team Hyper for some nice damage.

The second laser move is he will point his finger low toward your character and shoot a laser beam. On Very Hard, he will spam this repeatedly when he's close to death. Block and eat the chip damage. After he does the attack and looks like he's about to do it again, high jump and do some aerial hits.

If he goes to the back of the stage saying, "You'll know Pain!", he'll attempt to grab you. Just as he gets to the back of the stage, high jump to avoid getting grabbed. Either do a few aerial hits followed by an Aerial Hyper or when you land, do a Triple Team Hyper. If you do get grabbed, spam your buttons to break free and minimize the damage.

Yes, Galactus has Hypers at his disposal. He will go to the back of the stage.

If he has his left hand still on the right side shouting, "Enough!" He will fire many laser beams across the field. Before he shoots, high jump to avoid the low ones and block. Be careful of the final beam that delays for an extra second. This is the easy hyper.

The Hard one is he entirely goes to the back of the stage and brings his head and arms inward. He will unleash three sets of laser streams that take half a life bar when blocking. High Jump quickly and block to minimize the damage.

When Galactus says, "Now you will die!" He will bring his arms to the side, charging great energy in both fists. Spam assists, high jump and spam Medium hits, or do a Triple Team Hyper, anything to do as much damage as possible. When he takes enough, Galactus will fall forward and lose the energy for the attack. At this time, he will be able to take damage again. Even if he brings his hands all the way up and is about to slam down, don't stop attacking! You may get the final blow to stop the attack. If he succeeds, he will down your character even if at full. He will perform this attack when he's less than 20% health and again thereafter if you haven't KO'ed him.

As a special note, Galactus has his own ending. If you lose and opt not to continue, you will see him destroy both Earths. It will unlock the rest of his artwork, theme, and sounds, but at the price of losing...I don't think it's worth it.

If you react correctly to each attack and do damage at the right intervals, you'll be making the Devourer Of Worlds cry Uncle in no time.


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