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Mummy's Vault-custom made for Miniature people

Updated on February 25, 2014

If we were tiny... this is how the vault would look

The crypt of the mummy is our miniature fantasy of what it would be like. We took the color out of the video to make it like the movie. The center of the tomb is the mummy model itself. The model is to be painted, but I decided to wrap with gauze and tea and coffee die the gauze with a brush on the mummy for the aged look. The master constantly looks at the displays that I have made and gives improvements... so there were more agings done along the way with brushing of dirty looking brown paint on things. Many of the display items were bought at different places.

It started with the mummy model and then as usual I got carried away.... we will probably be changing it periodically because we can't help ourselves... Don't look directly at the mummy's ruby ring.... or get too close to that cobra next to him......

Models and mummies... LOL Please turn the sound off-I am reading the camera instructions outloud...

The mummies vault is made with a poster board display background and decoupaged inkjet printed artifacts along with some real egyptian papya drawings... This was not easy in any way, especially the detail on the model tomb...

View my other model articles to see this in the bright vivid colors it is.

Egyptian Crypt Information

Step by Step

Slowly adding items and then we did the backsurround
Slowly adding items and then we did the backsurround | Source

Please note the hieroglyphics!

In the video you will notice that there are hieroglyphics in the edge of the crypt along with on the back sourround. The hieroglyphics were written by using a book on such and a hard swab point tiny application tool. The back surround was done by printing with the printer on the brown look paper for aging appearance and to go along with the papyrus Egyptian paper that the Egyptian pictures were painted on. Nothing in this was particularly easy, but the supervisor insisted he have hieroglyphics on the inside of the crypt. That was very hard and of course, deciding what I wanted it to say... haha.

The tomb in Color
The tomb in Color | Source

Friends of the Mummy

The neighboring Creature from the Black Lagoon
The neighboring Creature from the Black Lagoon | Source

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Here we have a traditional Revell model. I made sure I got many reptile looking paints shades of green to give the effect of the Creature. The background I used cardboard shaped and wrapped with aluminum foil and painted shades of blue. I glued some small pebbles and got diorama water effects and tried to make a swamp with trees as in the movie. The swamp stuff that is hanging off of his hands is dark green cotton embroidery floss that I dipped in flour water and draped over his hands and let harden to give a swampy effect.

Another Neighboring Monster

The Wolfman in all his by hair
The Wolfman in all his by hair | Source

Love this Hair!

The Wolfman is also the revell model and instead of just paint, I used packages of doll hair and cut it up into little pieces and glued it to him so he had a nice 3 D hair effect.

First you put paint your model pieces and put it together and then you get a package of hair in this case and glue them on hair by hair wherever you think appropriate for your monster. There are many types and sizes of doll hair in packages you can purchase at hobby stores. In this case I just found some curly long red hair and chopped it up and then glued the pieces of hair on one by one.


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