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Brutal Reveal In New Last of Us Part Two Trailer

Updated on November 5, 2017

The Outbreak

Perhaps the game shining the brightest on screen at Paris Games Week was a long awaited second trailer for The Last of Us Part 2, a game that had been in production just long enough to drive anticipation into a a fury of its fan base.

The original was a Playstation 3 exclusive- the sole reason I might argue to buy the PS3 that had The Last of Us bundle on a cold morning winter at Target as I had. Breathtaking beautiful in graphics and story alike, players followed Joel from the first moments of the outbreak and the tragic death of his daughter to the meeting of another young girl, Ellie; whom Joel was contracted to smuggle cross country mid Zombie Apocalypse as Ellie may be the cure to the condition as she continues to show immunity to the virus months after a bite- which we learn about the in the DLC material for Left Behind.

Joel spends most of the game trying to keep from getting emotionally connected to the young girl, even twenty years after the ache from losing Sarah is a wound that refuses to be healed. The slow trek through many states and seasons finally brings Joel to the moment where he must decide to either save Ellie from the shadowy organization The Fireflies that claimed her death would be for the greater good, or to look the other way.

Did you go in guns blazing on the doctors like I did or let them live? In my three games including the Remastered version on PS4, I just can't help myself but to waste everyone in the operating room but I should try differently next time to see if it unlocks a trophy.

With Co op modes for game play and DLC material to keep us occupied in the meantime, the ache for Part 2, can not be silenced.

Developers Naughty Dog, released a second game trailer which opened the floodgates of online speculation among gamers.

Who are the new people?

Is this scene in the same time line with the original game? Could the woman who is hinted to be pregnant yet has the most rock solid abs I've ever seen on animation be Ellie's mother Anna, whom we only learn about in dialogue and the Letter From Mom artifact.

Are they The Fireflies?

Don't judge my love for the original game on the trophies like this easy one for crafting
Don't judge my love for the original game on the trophies like this easy one for crafting | Source

Could his be Anna?

Noted only in dialogue and the Letter from Mom, we know from Marlene that Ellie's mother Anna had expected The Fireflies to keep Ellie safe. Could the mysterious woman in the trailer be Anna before Ellie's birth? Could these be the predecessors to The Fireflies in the first game?

A Brutal Teaser

Whereas the only two trailers so far for The Last of Us Part 2 differ in tone and body count, the general feeling of the first game is still underlying and opening more questions about the exact nature of the world at hand.

The first trailer we learn a few things about our setting:

Ellie is much older: Unsure if it's actually cannon or online speculation, I have seen the current age of Ellie as around nineteen in this game from several sources. Her face and body have changed from the snarky young girl of the first game. Scars adorn her and intricate tattooing has taken the residence around her bite that put her in jeopardy in the first game.

Fireflies are maybe still around: An exterior shot that pans in shows a street sign marked with The Fireflies symbol but is it from past events of the first game or is there a new incarnation of the group after Marlene's death?

Ellie has learned to play guitar: A subtle nod to the first game, one of the things that Joel promises Ellie after things calm down is to teach her to play. The first trailer is filled with her singing and playing in the aftermath of what looks like a brutal battle in a house.

Ellie is shaking badly: Could it be from post battle? Is there a long term effect from surviving the virus for so long that is affecting her motor skills that could be a handicap to the player in this game?

Is Joel still alive: Looking in from the doorway on his surrogate daughter singing over the body of a dead man, we never see Joel's face nor does Ellie address him. Did she become tough from her loss of her father figure?

Brooding and beautiful, this first trailer is toned down to the max compared to the thrill ride thrust into our faces of at Paris Games.

A battle ensues between two groups, a woman is hung, Clickers are in the background. When does this trailer take place though?

Some speculate that this is a flashback to before Ellie was born starring Anna as the woman who was hung and managed to survive as others in her group have their limbs broken with hammers, are beaten, and attacked.

Who is the woman with the knife pointed at Possible Anna's stomach talking about the future, which many is speculated to be Ellie's birth when the hanging woman isn't visibly pregnant?

If the types of zombie-type enemies only diversified a few years after the original night of The Outbreak that Joel faced twenty years before meeting Ellie, this puts huge strain on the time line of this trailer.

Trailer Two Timeline

If the types of zombie-type enemies only diversified a few years after the original night of The Outbreak that Joel faced twenty years before meeting Ellie, this puts huge strain on the time line of this trailer.

Infected- An Evolution

On the night Joel, Tommy, and his late daughter Sarah who was gunned down after being injured in a car accident as the family tried to escape The Outbreak, the only Infected to be seen were early versions of the Runners.

Over time, new types of zombie-like creatures developed as the virus overtook the brain from the infection from the spores diversifying the lot with fungal plates, blindness, or heightened senses depending on how the infection took over the brain. Why there is no official cannon on why the virus created different types of enemies in The Last of Us, it does pose the question of when the second trailer had to take place if there were already Clickers.

Everyone has their own take on if the types Infected all developed at once. I have my own theory which as follows:

The first stage of the infection is the Runners which we know from Sarah's experience with seeing them in her short lifetime. The Runners in Sarah's time were the closest to still being human with their fast movements and still retaining vision. Twenty years later in Joel and Ellie's time most of the those that are still Runners are close to being blind.

The Stalkers which are the next half step between becoming a Clicker, a fungal plated head zombie thing that has fully lost its vision during its stage as a Runner, Stalkers are very fast and can see use of the flashlight and hear you from half way across the screen so stealth is your best option when approaching.

Clickers and Bloaters, the last stages to many online seem to be two different stages. I feel they are about equal as the frequency of seeing both in the same places is about equal. Where the Bloaters are completely fungal plated and use showering you with plant spores to spread the virus as a defense, the Clickers though blind are still more agile and hunt using echolocation.

Strategy for Clickers and Bloaters differ greatly. Bloaters are slow moving and the player must kill from a great distance to avoid taking great hits to your health and Clickers can only be killed in a specific way by crafting a shiv to penetrate their fungal plating.

What enemies exist now in Ellie's world? Has there been a further evolution beyond what we have seen in the first game?

Back to the Paris Games trailer, if we know Clickers to be somewhere after the Runners according to most, could enough time have passed for there to already be Clickers when Ellie was born?


Could there have been Clickers in the time of Anna?

Back to the Paris Games trailer, if we know Clickers to be somewhere after the Runners according to most, could enough time have passed for there to already be Clickers when Ellie was born?


Joel, Ellie, And Math

The Game Theory, YouTube channel has taught me sometimes, Math can be be your friend.

Trying to place the time in the second trailer for The Last of Us, could Ellie's mother be the young woman that is attempted to be hung? Is this a flashback or could Anna still be alive, even if this isn't her? We were already given a fake out for her mother's oldest friend, Marlene in the first game.

Going back to my previous ranting for the evolution of the Infected in the first game and supported by The Last of Us Wiki, if it took several years for there to be Clickers in the evolution of the zombie-like beings, could there have been Clickers when Ellie was born.

Joel celebrated his birthday in the opening scenes of the first game where Sarah had given him the watch that he wears throughout the events of the first game. We know that Sarah has been dead twenty years when Ellie is only fourteen, therefore, Ellie's birth is six years after Sarah's death.

Anna's age is not mentioned, but it is assumed she is a young woman and it is stated that Marlene raised Ellie.

Would there have been Clickers six years after Sarah's death when Ellie was born? Absolutely according to game cannon.

With the teases in the trailer about the pregnancy, the hanged woman could easily be explained being Anna and that this is some sort of flashback.

From what we know about The Last of Us Part 2 though is you play as Ellie- possibly for the whole game. Ellie would have no memories of Anna so who would have known about this flashback event? Is it just a general backstory that supports the events in Left Behind?

Is this woman someone else that adult Ellie comes across with another child that could be the answer to stopping the infection?

The Last of Us Part 2 will be released as a Playstation 4 exclusive in 2018.

Paris Games Week reveals new trailer


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