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The Benefits of Playing With Lego Set for Pre-Schooler

Updated on September 17, 2018
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I am here to share my parenting advise and kids toys related stuff.

Kids get tired of their toys easily that is why it’s not really practical to invest in really expensive toys unless they are educational. However, it seems like no matter how many toys go in and out of kids’ toy chests, their Lego sets remain. What’s great about it is that it does not cost much compared to other toys of the same quality. Also, pre-schoolers seem to have a golden touch which does not really turn everything they touch into gold but into something broken. Fortunately, Lego is a quite durable toy.

Lego sets may look simple and when you see a single piece, it does not make any sense. However, when played with other pieces, especially with the whole set, the possibilities of what your kids can do with their Lego is virtually limitless. Here are some of the reasons why playing with Lego Set is beneficial for pre-schoolers.

Communication is key

While Lego is the key to hours of enjoyment, it also serves as the key to communication skills improvement of pre-schoolers. When they play Lego with others, it is the perfect opportunity for exchanging ideas and opinions. Although it does not seem like part of the Lego’s being an educational toy, the actual process of playing is a fertile ground for verbal skills development. They learn to explain the ideas that they have, give instructions, describe the structure that they want to build from their imagination, and a lot more.

It Breeds Creation

One of the best benefits, if not the best benefit of pre-schoolers playing with Lego is that it gives them the perfect opportunity to develop and express their creativity. The different colors, shapes, and sizes of blocks effectively stimulate the mind of pre-schoolers. Although each set comes with instructions to create something specific, they can always create whatever their hearts desire. Each Lego set takes them to a world of freedom where no one dictates what they can and what they cannot do. You will be amazed at how playing with Lego is not just about building. Often, kids come up with storylines along with the things that they create with their building blocks.

Fine And Dandy.

Another thing that Lego sets develop is a pre-schooler’s fine motor skills. Playing is usually a form of exercise and playing Lego is also like an exercise for fingers. It is an exercise that pre-schoolers are willing to do because it is a fun activity. They can play with Lego for hours without getting bored. Development of fine motor skills will make different tasks such as writing much easier for pre-schoolers.

Focus For The Win

Kids are sure winners as they follow the instructions that come with each Lego set. The whole process helps them focus on the task at hand, improve their critical thinking, and develop their attention to even the smallest details. These skills are important to improve a child’s problem-solving skills. Problem-solving is a lifelong learning. They will benefit from such skills not just as kids but up to their adulthood and even old age.


Lego helps pre-schoolers become an invaluable part of the team as they are given opportunities of productive interaction whenever they play with others. Continuous exposure to different playmates help them gain confidence with improved communication skills, show them how much they can achieve with respect, and experience working with others towards a common goal – to build something amazing! Playing with Lego set is great for socialized learning just like playing with dollhouse among many others.

Amazing Accomplishments

Although it seems like something minor to some adults, successfully creating something out of their imagination is actually a quite major achievement for kids especially pre-schoolers. At an early age, they get to experience the sense of accomplishment, a taste of success which will develop their intrinsic motivation to turn their dreams and their plans into reality.

Patience Is Virtue

Playing with Lego also involves experimenting with the blocks and sometimes, going through a trial-and-error process before the kids get what they want and actually succeed in translating their imagination into a structure made of building blocks. In the process, they develop their patience in addition to their problem-solving skills. Playing with blocks of different shapes and sizes also helps develop their mathematical skills. Also, playing with Lego set also helps them recognize the importance of persistence.

Adventure Time

It is an adventure that allows pre-schoolers to be as brave and daring as they can without taking actual risks. It makes them realize that there is no harm in trying and if they do not get the results that they get, they can always try again. Kids can play with their Lego sets both indoors and outdoors. Therefore, it is a great way to pass time in situations when they have to stay indoors for a long time.

Cause And Effect

With each block that the kid adds into the structure, he or she will see the effects of such action to the structure as a whole. Even something as simple as stacking the blocks as high as they can until it falls over will teach the kids about the importance of having a strong foundation. It is an experiential learning opportunity that can teach pre-schoolers a number of lessons. This will make the pre-schooler realize that even the smallest change that they initiate can actually create a big impact.

Sometimes, the simplest things can teach kids the greatest lessons. As they grow up, they will continue playing with their Lego set yet have a different perspective of the gameplay and the creation process. These are just some of the benefits of playing Lego sets for pre-schoolers. You will surely discover more along the way.


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