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how to build and Make your own diy climbing frame

Updated on August 4, 2012

Below is an article on ways to build your own climbing frame.

Well the first option would be to go to a company who retail modular climbing frames, Action climbing frames is a good company to look at. There climbing frame parts are all modular meaning you can mix and match different components with each other. This option is ideal for those of you who want to make a custom build frame but haven’t got the knowledge yourself. This option is not the cheapest but you will get all the support from the company.

The second option would be to go about purchasing the wood for the frame yourself, this can be a lot more time consuming and you will need to have some kind of D.I.Y Knowledge. There are companies who sell these climbing frame accessories on the web. Below are some images of the parts you will need to construct a climbing frame. As to the wood you should be able to purchase this at any local builders merchants, the best wood to use would be Redwood, Pine or Plywood. These woods all have the best qualities there strong, durable and have nice colours.

Thomas Staton - A Climbing Frame and Climbing Frame accessories expert.


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    • profile image

      Ben McDonald 6 years ago

      HI Tom

      Great Hub, thanks for the information. it sounds fun building your own climbing frame. I can see the adventure in that.