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BumpMaft HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on February 27, 2011
For more HD Minecraft Texture pack recommendations, visit:
For more HD Minecraft Texture pack recommendations, visit: | Source

One of the prettiest and most popular HD texture packs, BumpMaft is another option in the ever increasing HD range. It follows the lead of other 'realistic' HD texture packs, but does so in a way that is regarded as being superior to previous efforts. Unlike other HD texture packs that rely on 32 x 32 textures or 64 x 63 textures, BumpMaft brings it's A game with a whopping 128 x 128 textures!

So, what does it look like then?

The GUI is particularly impressive in my opinion. Squares are now bubbles of product possibility, but all in all it has a sort of punk metal RPG feel to it, with shards of angular metal blazing all over the place.

Suits of armor now actually look like clothes a human might wear, although I'm not sure that it makes graphic sense that the shiny blue jumpsuit is the most powerful kind of armor in the game.

Build textures are interesting. To me they have a Fallout: New Vegas appeal. The wood is streaked and appears to be somewhat stained in parts. When used as flooring, it gives one the impression that one might just fall through it if given heavy enough boots. (And we all know how heavy diamond boots are.)

Brick I like very much. It has a realistic, worn texture that works very well. The slight 'dirtyness' of the texture pack is what gives it a hefty dose of reality really.

Minecarts have been done particularly well. They look very realistic indeed and the temptation to build mineshafts and ride a BumpMaft minecraft through it is strong.

Mob wise, things are very interesting. Creepers no longer appear to have eyes, which is utterly terrifying in the worst kind of way. Cows are also fairly creepy, mostly because the artist appears to have never actually seen a cow and doesn't realize that they actually have quite large eyes. A cow face with tiny round person eyes is the stuff of nightmares.

Sheep, on the other hand, are so utterly sweet and gorgeous looking that punching them for their wool might feel just a wee bit wrong.

Squid glow blue, which I like because the sea can be a dark place and glowing blue squid are much easier to spot than their dull black counterparts that never did anything but lol about on the seabed getting in the way of all the nothing.


As with all HD texture packs, BumpMaft stops at nothing. It demands that all your textures are belong to it, which means that it replaces your default texture pack.

Download BumpMaft HD Minecraft Texture Pack!


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