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Buy LEGO Pharoahs Quest Online today

Updated on February 16, 2015

Pharoahs Quest Lego

Since Egypt was rediscovered in the eighteenth century man has been interested in its ancient and somewhat magical civilisation. LEGO have taken this idea and created LEGO Pharoahs Quest a number of Lego build kits based on Ancient Egypt. It was my sons birthday this week and turning 13, he asked for all the Pharoahs Quest I could carry! As a family we pool what we spend on presents to make sure that he gets what he wants. At the moment he is contentedly building away and I am figuring where to put it on display.

Scorpion Pyramid

This is the set that builds the burial pyramid of Pharaoh Amset-Ra. The set includes 7 mini figures, including our heroes, Jake Raines, Mac MacCloud and Professor Archibald Hale with the Pharaoh, his guards and a flying mummy.

There are a range of accessories including swords, shields, dynamite, spears and guns. A large scorpion is inside through the sliding doors and the booby trapped stairs.

The model is 10" tall and !5" wide so it will be on the coffee table when I have moved the LEGO Kingdoms castle

Rise of the Sphinx

This set builds into an Ancient Egyptian Sphinx with 3 mini figures, Jake Raines and two mummies, complete with weapons. The sphinx is pose able rather than the usual static models. There is a hot rod car in which two mini figures can sit. The temple has a "blow away" wall, treasure chamber and sword treasury.

Flying Mummy Attack

Reliving the pre war atmosphere of Ancient Egyptian exploration this set features Jake Raines in flying gear in his flying machine. There is an obelisk on top of which is a diamond (a LEGO diamond) which Jake has to get before the mummies get there.

Golden Staff Guardians

One of Amset-Ra's six treasures is the golden staff. This set includes the golden staff, a mini figure of Mac McCloud and 2 mummies. There is also a motorcycle (cc unknown) for Mac to race to get to the treasures.

Cursed Cobra Statue

This set includes 3 mini figures, Jake Raines, Helen Skvaling and the mummy snake charmer.

The cobra detaches from the statue and unlike a lot of other LEGO can be posed. There is a desert truck with doors at the rear that can be opened.

A set with an 18" long snake has got to be a collectors dream!!

Scarab Attack

This set has 2 figures, one is Jake Raines who is resting by a LEGO campfire with LEGO food and accessories. This set compliments the other LEGO Pharoah sets.

If you child likes to build and enjoys playing with the results then this is the set for them. To build LEGO you need concentration and you need to follow the instructions carefully- which are skills that we all need to develop in life. Once built the imagination can run riot playing games or translating the interactive games on the LEGO site into solid handled games.


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