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Buy Lego Star Wars Toys online from Amazon

Updated on February 16, 2015


In 1977 the Star Wars film launched onto the film world and the unsuspecting public. Now, some 33 years later Star wars and the sequels that followed have captured the imagination of a new generation of young people

Lego have produced some fantastic kits with a star wars theme. Browse through Amazon and examine their range, with quick delivery and easy on line ordering it has to be a good buy! Don't forget you can also arrange for Amazon to gift wrap your parcel which means no unforeseen problems when the mailman arrives.

The following reviews are made by my twelve year old son who is Lego mad and also Star wars mad which means I trudge round yard sales looking for unused items from the 1970s and 1980s. as he collects "originals" as well as Lego.


  • It comes with swivel turrets on the side
  • openable wings
  • openable front end
  • two supreme chancellor guards
  • one supreme chancellor and throne room
  • can take a while to construct, my twelve year old built it on his own in just over a day
  • you can put your clone troopers inside to use as a cargo hold
  • it has an escape pod at the back and you can put a mini figure in it
  • there is a handle so that you can pick it up
  • my son says it is meant for battle not display
  • big laser cannon and bombing capability
  • comes with a pilot

  • new this year
  • one snow trooper commander with binoculars
  • two snow troopers
  • an AT AT driver- which can sit on your flick fire cannon
  • nice little computer for your snow trooper
  • snow trooper speeder for your trooper
  • another excellent set- we bought ours in Holland !


The good thing about this, from a present perspective is that kids are happy having more than one set, we have four!

  • You get a clone walker with two legs and flick fire missiles which holds two mini figures
  • You also get the clone gunner mini figure which is almost exclusive to the set
  • Two clones come with it and a clone commander- a clone with special guns and armour- apparently it is very good
  • goes well with the Assassin droid battle pack
  • there is the republic logo on the side of the vehicle.
  • a really good set priced at the lower end of the market so great to take to children's parties

  • good if you take out the side guns there is still a massive gun in the middle
  • featured in the first film in the battle of the Gudgeons
  • originally brown but owing to clone war sets is now dark blue and grey
  • two side cannons and centre cannon
  • a pilot in the cockpit and a speeder in the back
  • easy to assemble, decals to add and robust


  • It is a very good set
  • it features three figures,, three jet pack droids which are brown and dark grey the only set we have seen them in is the droid tri fighter
  • it has a bomb dropping mechanism at the bottom of the ship which can drop 4 bombs simultaneously
  • the bombs are the only weapons.
  • you can switch the wings from flight to ground mode
  • they go well with the Republic attack cruiser for simulated battle
  • lots of decals for the craft
  • an absolute must have but we have experienced some trouble with breaking wings, but we do play hard.


  • Is on the side of the separatists alliance
  • you get five mini figures one pilot droid, two standard battle droids, viceroy gunray and Nadar
  • it has an opening cockpit
  • can be easily lifted without breaking apart
  • retractable landing gear
  • opening back part from where Viceroy Gun ray leaves the ship


  • is a great set for anyone wishing to expand their Imperial army
  • the mini figures are 4 storm troopers and one dark trooper
  • this set goes well with rebel sets as they can battle with each other
  • it is only a small set but is good value as it has an opening cock pit , lots of weapons for your troopers and a part on the back where you can attach your trooper compartment.
  • the only problem is that if dropped, it will shatter and will have to be re made- this has happened once or twice in our home!

  • This is a very good lego star wars set and would look good next to an MTT troop carrier
  • it features three mini figures, one battle droid commander, one standard battle droid, and one super battle droid.
  • the first vehicle is the hail fire droid - it has 8 flick fire missiles and can move around on its wheels
  • you also get the spider droid which is pretty simple with one main cannon and four legs
  • this set goes quite well with the spider walker set and I would suggest that they be bought together if finances allow.

  • the tri fighter lego set is a really nice set to buy
  • it has three mini figures- two jet pack battle droids and one jet pack battle droid commander distinguished by a yellow mark on his head.
  • the tri fighter has two flick fire missiles underneath and a ball where you can seat your pilot- in the centre of the ship
  • it has several laser guns mounted on different parts of the ship and three blue engines at the back.
  • there are lots of decals to attach.
  • this set goes well with most of the droid sets . it is really nice if you are looking to expand your separatist army

The Ideal Present

The descriptions in this hub came from a 12 year old English boy. Please check the packs as sometimes European batches are not the same as in the UK.

I hope I have been able to capture some of the enthusiasm felt by children and young people when they play with their lego. It's not only the building of the item but the playing with it. Pretend battles take place across our sitting room floor. My polished surfaces are covered in lego battleships and fighters. I would not have it any other way.

Just a word of warning if you are thinking of a christmas or holiday present. Buy your items early. At peak times everything seems to be sold out. We went to view the new ships today (it is September!)


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