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Buy Mega Bloks Narnia Sets

Updated on March 17, 2011

The Mega Bloks Narnia licensed series had great potential, considering it had a great thematic setting and the Narnia books and films had a huge following however only three sets were released in 2005 before the line was discontinued.

The range included three new female minfigs, each with a different sculpted head, as well as a "stubby" leg design for Lucy to indicate her young age and diminutive stature. Also, the legs of the Minotaur figure were back-bent like a bull's hind legs and featured stylized hooves rather than feet.

This information is courtesy of the Mega Bloks wiki Blok City which has alot of information about all these Mega Bloks Narnia sets and many others

Mega Bloks is a Canadian Toy company that produces building blocks that are exactly similar to Lego they hold many licensing agreements to produce related items plus other sets. These sets are similar in design and size to Lego sets and make a good alternative to Lego sets for Christmas and Birthday presents particularly since many of the franchise lines are exclusive to Mega Bloks.

Aslan's Camp No. 2202

This set was released in 2005 and featured a replica of Aslan's Camp including his tent, a tree and some weaponry, also included were two minifigures of Susan and the Minotaur. This set contained 40 pieces.

This set has a revolving tent top, a rock slide ambush, and Susan in her battle gown versus. Cyclops.

On the right are some of these sets for sale on Ebay ranging from the complete set to pieces from the set.

Winter Battle No. 2203

This set was released in 2005 and featured a replica of the scene from the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe of the battle in the forest, you get a winter tree, a lamppost and a shelter plus 2 minifigures of Peter and Otmin. This set contains 20 pieces.

This set comes in a wonderful wardrobe shaped box and is quite detailed for such a small set and some of the pieces, particularly the tree branches are very intricate.

On the right are some of these sets for sale on Ebay ranging from the complete set to pieces from the set.

Ice Castle Rescue No. 2205

This set was released in 2005 and featured a fantastic replica of the Ice Castle complete with glowing icicles, there are also four minifigures of Aslan, Lucy in her battle gown, Edmund in armor, and Jadis (the white witch). This set contains 85 pieces.

This set has a revolving castle tower that reveals a secret room, an opening gate, a throne, and a dungeon. The Aslan minifigure has two posts on its back so that the figures can ride on him.

On the right are some of these sets for sale on Ebay ranging from the complete set to pieces from the set.


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