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Buy Mega Bloks Star Trek

Updated on December 12, 2011

Briefly in 2004 there was a Mega Bloks Star Trek model available. Mega Bloks is a Canadian Toy company and they briefly had a licensing agreement with the Star Trek franchise. Many people held out high hopes that there would be a steady stream of Star Trek related models to build much like the highly praised Lego Star Wars range.

However unfortunately the only product in the Mega Bloks ProBuilder range that was released was the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D which was released in 2004 and that was as far as it went.

Since this was such a limited range the kits can be quite hard to come by but they do often come up on Ebay and are also occasionally available on Amazon.

Details of this set and loads of other Mega Bloks Probuilder Sets can be found at the Mega Bloks wiki called Blok City.

If you are interested in other Star Trek models please take a look at my Corgi Star Trek Model Hub or my F-Toys Star Trek Vessel Collection Hub.

Mega Bloks Probuilder USS Enterprise Set No 9777

This set was released in 2004 and included a model of the Enterprise-D including a showcase stand. Also included was a Captain Jean Luc Picard minifigure, the Mega Bloks minifigures it must be pointed out a nowhere near as good as the Lego minifigures.This set contained 945 pieces

The USS Enterprise model measures 36 cm in length, 26 cm wide and 10 cm high and has a deflector dish, 2 warp engines for light speed travel, a special saucer module and realistic USS Enterprise decals.

On the right are some of these sets for sale on Ebay ranging from the complete set to pieces from the set.

Other images of the Star Trek Mega Bloks Set


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