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Ouija Boards Online

Updated on February 12, 2012

Buying Ouija Boards Online

While you may be looking to buy Ouija Boards online, it is important to note that one must never pass up the opportunity to purchase a seasoned one. If you stumble across an old board at an auction, snatch it up! Sure, it may have water stains and not look so fabulous but there is a lot of energy to be granted from a Ouija Board that has seen a lot of action. I have one that's over a century old that belonged to my great grandmother and I wouldn't part with it for anything!

What are Ouija Boards

Despite their sudden rise in popularity, Ouija Boards are certainly not the new concept you may think. In fact, they have actually been around, used and respected in different cultures for many centuries. It is suggested that the older a board is, the more in tune that it is with the other world. It is unclear how the concept of using Ouija Boards ever came about but by the end of the 1890s, Elijah Bond introduced the world to the first commercially made one. Today, they are found in homes everywhere, sure, a lot of teenagers just goof off with them and have fun with friends but these can be very valuable tools. Light a few candles or your tabletop fireplace for some ambiance, dim the lights and focus.

Wood Ouija Board

Ouija Boards at Amazon

Ouija Board Components

  • YES and NO – You will find that there is the word YES located at the top left corner of the Ouija Board while the word NO finds itself at the top right corner. These two words offer an easy way for spirits to provide answers to close-ended questions instead of having to spell the words out.

  • Alphabet – The rows of the alphabet take up most of the upper half of the Ouija Board, this is where the spirits spell your answers out that require more than a simple yes or no reply.

  • Numbers – Right below the letters on the Ouija Board you'll find a row of numbers. This allows for times and dates to be communicated.

  • Good Bye – You should always remember to close out your session by using the GOOD BYE located at the bottom of the Ouija Board.

  • Planchette – Ouija Boards use this triangular-shaped tool so that all users can put their fingers on it. The planchette glides around the board to reveal answers to the questions that have been asked. While most new boards are made from glass or plastic, old ones used a simple piece of wood with a hole found on the the top, sometimes they even had a mysterious looking eye placed there.

Spiritualist Theory vs Ideomotor Theory

For many users of Ouija Boards, it is believed that ethereal beings or spirits are dictating the movement of the planchette to provide the answers that are received. Ouija Boards have often been protested and even banned in many areas, primarily due to Christians believing that any entities contacted in the other world must be evil. However, a lot of people use these boards to contact loved ones who have passed on or to seek much needed guidance. Surely there can be no denying that there are others in the after world and it is foolish to think every being contacted and every person who uses Ouija Boards must be evil.

Ideomotor response however, is the skeptic's answer to how Ouija Boards actually work. It is suggested that the users are moving the planchette unconsciously and spelling the answers out that they really want to hear. While this could absolutely be the case on many occasions with people just goofing off and having fun, true believers know just what Ouija Boards are capable of.


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