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Postman Pat toys and vehicles like his van and characters online, SDS special delivery service

Updated on July 28, 2012

Postman Pat

Hi there reader.  I can only assume that as you are here, you have a small child close to your heart who loves the world of 'Postman Pat Special Delivery Service'.  As you read this, I hope you will find all that you require as I take you on a journey through the village of Greendale, home to Postman Pat and his black and white cat Jess.

Patrick Clifton (Postman Pat) has been around for more than 20 years now and has touched the hearts of many a child in that time, mine being no exception.  However the one thing that has changed with time is the fact that, as with most children's tv programmes these days, Postman Pat has been made into toys, and you can purchase just about anything from the Greendale Rocket to a transformer Pat or laptop.  Although many think of Postman Pat being a boys thing, many young girls enjoy playing with it to, as they run the village store with Mrs Goggins, helping pat load the vans full of parcels.

Introduction over, let the journey around Postman Pat toy land begin!

Postman Pat vehicles

We all remember Pat riding around in his little red van with Jess sitting beside him, but as Pat has evolved so have his vehicles. Pat now not only rides around in his little red van, but also a larger transit style van, motorbike with sidecar (for Jess) and a helicopter.

The vans all have opening front and rear doors, which if they are pulled off can be replaced time and time again with no damage to the product. Parcels, amongst other things that your child may find can be placed in the back of the vans ready for delivery. Each van also has a space for Jess on the passenger seat.

The motorbike and sidecar are great if your child 1. likes motorbikes and 2. just likes re-enacting what they have seen on television. There is a box on the back, just big enough for a parcel from the Post Office and Jess has his own seat in the sidecar.

The Helicopter, loved by all children comes with an animal sling and daisy the cow usually enables you child to fly high above Greendale to rescue or deliver Daisy. It goes without saying that obviously Pat would not be doing this alone, and therefore Jess sits in his seat at the front of the helicopter. If Pat has extra parcels to deliver then there are doors on the side of the helicopter allowing parcels and such like to be placed inside the helicopter as well.

Other Postman Pat vehicles

As well as the vehicles that you will see Postman Pat riding around in, there are other vehicles available which belong to Ted Glen, PC Selby, Alf Thompson and of course the Greendale Rocket driven by Ajay Baines.

Anyone who watches Postman Pat will know about Ted Glen, local garage owner and inventor. Ted drives around in an open back truck. This is great as both front doors open and the tailgate at the back of the truck drops down. It also comes with a ladder so that Ted can mend roofs and such like.

PC Selby is also a well known character within the Postman Pat series and has his own car, again with fully opening front doors. This also comes with road bollards.

Alf Thompson and his red tractor are a relatively new toy which has become available within the Postman Pat SDS range.  The tractor is the one that you see Alf riding on most, and comes with a small basket tipper on the back which carries a bale of straw (which is included).  With this you also get a miniature Alf who sits at the steering wheel to drive his beloved little tractor.

As the SDS Postman vehicles have a button on them you can hear the theme tune and various different sayings, which are well known by the character in question.

Postman Pat Playsets

Postman Pat SDS also allows your child to explore their imaginative side with the various playsets available.  You can find Mrs Goggins (the post mistress) at the Greendale Store, Ted Glen at his garage, Ajay Baines with the Greendale Rocket at the Station Cafe and last but not least Ben Taylor at the Sorting office.  There are now various sorting offices available, but all come with opening doors and helicopter pad on the roof.  

Postman Pat for the home pc

Other Postman Pat toys

All of the above pretty much covers the general toys which can be brought to form your own Greendale village, but there are also many extras toys which can be purchased nowadays which children love playing. You may like the traditional snakes 'n' ladders, only postman pat style or postman pat dominoes.

Your child may prefer a Postman Pat style laptop or game for their Nintendo ds or the home pc.

If after all this you are really stuck then why not go for a good old faithful Postman Pat bag.

 Check out the link below which will help you find all the Postman Pat things you could want from Amazon. 


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