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Buy Royal Wedding, Prince William and Kate Middleton, Commerative Coins On line today

Updated on April 15, 2011

Coin Collection

There appear to be two kinds of coin collectors. There are those who collect coins, perhaps to have an example of every coin minted in a specific year and currency, or coins minted for special occasions. There are other collectors who simply store their coins in a jar, to spend on high days or holidays. We are the latter and when there is a national shortage of 20p coins I know who to blame as he has piggy banks scattered all around the house. I am responsible for the glass vase full of coins in the window.

If you are a coin collector you may be interested in the new commemorative coins issued for the wedding of HRH Prince William to Kate Middleton.

Gold plated coin

The gold plated coin is not legal tender. It has been created as a commemorative piece and is available from Amazon. The coin's surface  is plated in 24 karat gold and arrives in a transparent presentation box. Would make a nice addition to any one's collection.

Silver plated coin

This silver plated coin is 1 ounce in weight, the same as the gold coin. It is plated with silver and arrives in a transparent case. It would be a good addition to your collection, especially if you buy both the gold and the silver coin!

Please, don't forget that these coins are not legal tender so dont expect to go to the bank and change into dollars or if you are coming to the Uk this year, try and spend them in the shops- because they won't take them


There are so many commemorative coins celebrating major events throughout the world. I have seen examples of coins from major sporting events to the Apollo moon landings. There are so little souvenirs from these iconic moments that the individual can collect. Most of us would not have the room for a replica space ship or space suit!

There are also commemorative sets of coins from currencies in presentation boxes. These are often offerred as full sets when they are minted. However if you search Amazon you will see many sets of coins for sale, and hopefully you will find the set that you are missing.

My mum and dad bought a coin when in Singapore in 1970 to commemorate 150 years of the island. Dad had it made into a necklace but it is so heavy that mum hardly wears it!

Collecting coins can be seen as an investment as many coins appreciate over time. It is worth buying a good coin collecting guide as it will advise on the type of coins minted and also the current prices. It is also important that you store your coin in its box when not being viewed to preserve any finish.


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