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Buying Digital PC games

Updated on February 25, 2015

Digital Games

There are plenty of websites to buy games online and I'm not saying that I know all of them however, these are the best I've used. The great thing about buying digital PC games is that you can always get a great deal.

CheapShark Home

Games List


When buying a game online my first stop is to Cheapshark's website. This website compiles all the best deals from a ton of websites onto one easy to use list. There are tons of different sites that they sort through to find the best deal. They also have giveaways for game related prizes. Once you find a game you want all you have to do is click the game and it brings you to the site that the game is on.

Searching for Titanfall

Green Man Gaming


Other Sites

Another great website to but games is called GreenManGaming. It's a great website to buy digital PC games on. They constantly have great deals as well as constant 20% off coupons. They accept a ton of different payment options including PayPal. Another great website to buy PC games on is GamersGate. Like the previously mentioned website this site always has a ton of game deals. They also tend to have publisher weekends where a certain publishers game offering is on sale. As for payment options, they accept mostly everything including PayPal. Both of these sites send you the game code to the email address that you provide. Both of these sites tend to sell steam games and sometimes they sell origin games also.

Humble Bundle

Bundle Stars


The last two sites I wanna mention are bundle sites. If you haven't heard about these sites they offer a bunch of games in a bundle for a very low price. The first site is called Humble Bundle. On humble, they tend to offer around 7 games per bundle at the price is a pay what you want format. The lowest you can spend is $1.00 which gives you the first 3 or 4 games. After that there are 2 more price tiers that offer more and more games. The second tier averages at around $7.00 whereas the next tiers hangs around $12.00. They also have a store where they sell individual games. Another bundle site is called BundleStars. On this site they have different bundles that are usually available for a week and they are ever changing. Bundles usually range from $2.99 to $7.99. Both of these sites send you the codes to your E-mail and are redeemed through steam.



The final site I wanna mention is called GOG. This site is a nostalgic past from they passed. They offer games that you can no longer find anywhere else. Most of the games are DRM free and are relatively cheap. They recently acquired most of the old school Star Wars games including x-wing vs tie fighter and rogue squadron 3D. They also have new games also. It's a great site and always offers new and old games.

All of the sites I've mentioned above are very trustworthy and I have personally used. There are tons of more sites out there and they are yours to discover. This is just a basic list to help you find the best deals out there. Stay tuned for more and happy hunting.


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