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Buying a Rubber Chicken | Useless Prank Toys

Updated on April 26, 2011

The rubber chicken is a popular comedic prop made from a latex mould. When i first came across it, I couldn't resist giving it a squeeze, and much to my delight, it gave a pathetic enough squawk to warrant another squeeze, and another... And it followed me home.

The use of rubber chickens

On the surface, the rubber chicken is a useless piece of junk that used for a 5 minute laugh, only to be discarded like a used condom. Uh uh. In fact, it is extremely useful as...

  • An early warning signal. Give your boss one and when you hear the hapless squawks as he throttles the poor bird from stress or anger, you know it's time to get out of the way!
  • Your early warning signal. Tell everyone to back off and stay away as you are realllyyyy having a veryyyyy bad day. SQUEEZE.....
  • Use it as a weapon. It's soft, it's limp, it's great to swing around and extremely gratifying to hear sound of a mini squawk when it meets the head of your friend.
  • Whack cockroaches with it! Magnify the terrified sounds of the little buggers!
  • Serve them up for dinner as a joke.
  • Get a few of different sizes and pitches and you can start to play a tune
  • Scare the living hell out of real chickens
  • Get it as a toy for your dog.

See? There are plenty of uses for the good old rubber chicken. Get 'em today!


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