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COD: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Team Deathmatch (TDM) Tips

Updated on October 26, 2012

Want to be a better player?

Call of Duty (COD) Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) features several different very fast paced, adrenaline pumping competitive online multiplayer gamemodes. The gamemode that this article will be focusing on is Team Deathmatch (TDM). Team Deathmatch pits 12 players, 6 on each team, against each other in an all out brawl to the death! The first team to reach 7500 points, or 75 kills, wins the game. There are several different maps that Team Deathmatch can be played on, such as Hardhat or Village. Maps like these include multiple crossroads, where players are visible from any direction, thus making it easier to be killed by the opposing team. TDM is mostly about running ang gunning, meaning run or die. If you camp in one spot for too long, the enemy will find you and take you out; thanks to MW3's killcam feature. As a virtual soldier, you will be equipped with a primary and secondary weapon of our choice as well as different types of grenades. Below I have compiled a list of things that should be followed if you want to become a better Team Death Match player, and stop going negative with your K/D:

1. Toss your grenades! I can't tell you how many people die without having thrown their grenades! Equip flash grenades to toss ahead of you, around corners, and through doorways. If a hit marker (X) pops up on your screen, then you know there's and enemy in that area. This an excellent tool to use, don't forget about it.

2. Don't sprint around corners! This is a major NO NO! If you sprint around a corner and enemy is on the other side, it will take longer for you to come out of sprint, and into aim mode. chances are you will be killed before you even fire a single round. Remember what they say about pools, WALK, DON'T RUN!

3. Always aim when firing! This one is pretty self explanatory, if you aim your accuracy will be greatly increased, if you fire from the hip you won't hit anything that's at a distance. Don't be an Iraqi soldier, be an American soldier.

4. RELOAD! After a firefight, and you finish off your opponent, reload your weapon when it is safe to do so. Don't reload out in the open, try hiding behind something first. Remember, every bullet counts!

5. Setup your strike packages so they are at a level where you can reach them. If you aren't the type of player where you get 15 kills in a row before you die, set your strike packages to more attainable killstreak rewards. In other words, use the easier ones! 10 UAV's for your team in one match is better than one osprey gunner every 10 matches.

6. Switch to your secondary! Switching to your secondary weapon is WAY faster than trying to reload during a firefight. More bullets down range at a constant pace is better than pausing to reload your primary weapon. Give it shot. Literally.

7. Careful when jumping over things. Unless you have a certain perk on that allows you to vault over things faster, your character will be hopping that fence like a 60 year old man! I don't know why it's so slow to vault over things in this game, but that's how it is. So, if you decide to vault over something, keep in mind that you will not be able to fire your weapon while doing so. Maybe it's best to walk around instead of over.

8. Go prone! Going prone when you suspect that someone is coming around a corner or into a building that you are currently in, will help reduce your character's profile and allow for better accuracy when firing. Chances are you will kill them before they kill you.

9. Use a suppressor! I ALWAYS use a suppressor when playing MW3. By using a suppressor on your weapon, you don't show up on the enemies radar when you fire your gun. This is an excellent way to help boost your kill count. Yes, putting on a silencer will reduce your weapons overall range, but this is Call of Duty we're talking about here, not Battlefield 3, MW3 maps are smaller and more compact. Silencers DO NOT reduce your weapons overall damage! Be smart, use a suppressor!

10. Monitor your radar constantly! Keep one eye on the battlefield and the other on your radar! Red blips show enemy locations, this is probably the most important tool in the game. Be careful though, not all enemies will show up on the radar because they might be using a suppressor, or the assassin perk. Keep your eyes open!

So there you have it, my top ten tips to becoming a better Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Team Deathmatch player! Use these tips along with your own style of gameplay, and make your MW3 games a more memorable experience. The link below is to my YouTube gaming channel, check it out for some awesome gameplay action! One last piece of advice, always remember, it's just a game. Peace!

GHOSTwarrior213's YouTube Channel!

Call of Duty Kings! All the latest and greatest COD news, tips, tricks, and more!

- GHOSTwarrior213

COD: MW3 Team Deathmatch Montage!

COD: MW3 Team Deathmatch (Hardhat) FULL GAME


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      Rickdiculous 3 years ago

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